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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Twisted Meanings Of Words

Well, one word in particular actually: honour.

We rarely hear it in public life any more; like most people I look around at public servants and wonder where the honour went. People do wrong; people move on. Not in a literal way, you understand, just symbolically. They no longer resign, they learn lessons, draw lines and ... well, move on. No honour, so where has it gone?

It's gone here. No-one's said it yet but 'light-skinned with long dark hair packed into a suitcase' means it's odds-on to be a so-called 'honour' killing.  Just like women set on fire & rolled in carpets are also going to be 'honour' killings.  And this from way back in 1994 - why was he charged with GBH rather than Attempted Murder?

It's time someone in public life stood up and made it clear there is no honour in murder and stopped using the term. Simple. Easy. Stop ascribing to it a special status it shouldn't have. 'Honour' killings have their own police investigative teams which, to a point, I can understand because it is, after all, an alien culture which chains, beats, stones and murders women so it will need some insight and understanding in order to bring the murderer before the Courts.

The Criminal Justice system needs major reform because Labour's sentencing guidelines are pathetic.  I don't care how many people it offends, I want more life sentences, more deportations, more joined-up government.  (You wouldn't think I was a Buddhist in a previous life, would you?)
The following video is the story of Behnaz Mahmoud but 'honour' killings happen to men too:

Just a very quick pernickety point but at about 0:33 in the newscaster says, "It's a term used to describe acts of violence committed against women for bringing perceived dishonour to the family." Not in my family it isn't. I think she left something out there.


  1. The UK's 85 Sharia courts might have something to do with it.

    Will Cameron dismantle this dual legal system and return the country to one set of laws for all?

  2. Until there is true equality, not positive discrimination, no male chauvinism, no feminism then hate crimes, like 'honour killings', against women by men, and hate crimes, such as discrimination, against men by women will continue.

    And only in a secular society free of religion can such a state of equality exist.

  3. woman on a raftSeptember 27, 2009

    "why was he charged with GBH rather than Attempted Murder?"

    The answer to those questions usually lies in the facts of the case. To establish attempted murder you have reach the high standard of proof required in attempted murder cases, and it can be tricky because it all depends on what was in the head of the accused, why they were doing it rather than the foreseable consequences of their action.

    CPS advice:

    attempted murder requires the existence of an intention to kill, not merely to cause grievous bodily harm: R v Grimwood (1962) 3 All ER 285. The requisite intention to kill can be inferred by the circumstances: R v Walker & Hayles (1990) 90 Cr App R 226.

    Since the charge of grievous bodily harm with intent carries the same maximum sentence of life as attempted murder and is easier to establish and secure the conviction on, a practical prosecutor goes for the bird in the hand not the one in the bush.

    That's no reason, though, why we have to accept the phrase 'honour killing'. The way to change that is to go on as you have started and to keep challenging the term every time it is used in the news, by prosecutors or by police. It's a good point; if they use the 'h' word they are inadvertently adopting the idiotic idea that there could ever be justification of this sort.

    What we need, though, is a substitute word to denote the class of killings and nails the motive as a weakness in the murderer. The thesaurus offered this selection of epithets:

    Vanity killings
    Arrogance killings
    Bombastic killings
    Braggart killings
    Conceit killings
    Impotence killings

    Since the control of the sexual behaviour of the victim is a prime motive in these cases, there is an argument for including them as sex crimes and call them sex killings.

  4. I see the logic of the law in your 4th para WoaR but this man gagged her, tied her up, doused her in petrol and set her on fire. He got ten years.

    In relation to 'honour' killings, the use of words *is* important; as usage sinks into our psyche it is eventually accepted and is followed quickly by acceptance of the deed as something separate.

    There is no justification for this country to assimilate the laws of an alien culture. Why the appeasement anyway? I've had enough of the lot of them - those who make demands and those who appease them.


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