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Friday, 30 October 2009

Chemtrails In Yorkshire


  1. I remember as a small boy thinking how pretty jet aistreams looked; plus also they were very glamerous since it was the days of the fabled Jet Set; decades before we hoi poloi were able to gad about cheaply.
    Also, did Malham with the school, Tarn Waterfall, Village, Carst limestone pavements , the lot and very nice it was too.

    Now Miss " Chemtrails Moaner ". How many pounds of glutonous jelly are imbedded in your armpits from years of splurging roll-on underarm deoderant ? How many " Pine Fresh " car smelly things does your boyfriend have dangling from his rear view mirror and poisoning you every time you get in his car, never mind his pants. Breathless ? I'm not surprised.
    Point is love, look to yourself and what you do before worrying about delusions of arial spraying.

  2. She's entitled to her point of view Banned and I'm sure you know there's a difference between chemtrails and normal aeroplane trails. If you're talking to me I don't use deoderant which possibly explains why I don't have a boyfriend. So what do you care about - or is it that you just don't like me posting a vid about chemtrails over Yorkshire?

  3. Of course she is entitled to her point of view, my point is that she might well be voluntarilly poisoning herself as well.

    I've heard of but never really explored Chemtrails and my comments about self-poisoning were about people in general and certainly not you in particular GV. Likewise I don't use deoderant, nor in-car smelly trees.

  4. I know someone who can't get in a car with one of those smelly trees - it brings on asthma. Chemtrails are an intriguing theory though - likewise water fluoridisation.

  5. GV don't know why I missed this earlier, but having spent many, many hours staring at airyplanes skiting across the sky since I was a lad I can see with my own eyes that something has changed.

    Now bearing in mind the amount of research that has gone onto making the combustion process in gas turbines as near stoichiometric as possible, esp in cruise, then the only thing coming out the back end of these babies should be water vapour,i.e. the trail, and carbon dioxide. Some SO2 might also be present.

    If like the B2 you want to hide your trail then there are compounds to add to the exhausting gases to do so.

    So why the MFing big trails?

    1. They are poisoning us. Morgellons?
    2. It's gone tits up so badly they are afraid to tell us and the trails are there to increase the Earths albido.
    3. Something is going on UP there that we are not to see.

    Take your pick.

  6. Incoming!!!!! There's a lot of talk about chemtrails but it isn't something I've really looked into and know nothing beyond it's part of a nwo conspiracy theory. You won't be surprised to learn that none of your 3 suggestions appeal to me. I had to look up 3 terms you used as well so you've increased my vocab:

    Morgellons Disease


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