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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Concerted Attack On The BNP

This is getting ridiculous. The first two items on the radio news this morning are BNP-related and the press are busy filling column inches with righteous rhetoric. Here's a sample of the headlines:

BNP hit by second leak of members'database
BNP membership list appears on Wikileaks
BBC steps up security for Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time
Killing off the cancerous spread of the BNP is within our grasp
BNP plays race card with attack on Question Time rivals
Our leaders are queuing to prove their virtue by denouncing the vile BNP. But it's they who are to blame for its rise
Why I wouldn't go on Question Time with the unsavoury Nick Griffin
Ten steps to put Nick Griffin on the wrong foot
BBC to review decision to invite BNP leader on to Question Time
Generals join forces to resist 'hijacking' by BNP

Enough already! Let the man speak on Question Time. The arguments against the BNP - that they are illegal; their views are a minority; their supporters are stupid peasants; they have no MPs in Westminster, don't hold water. We're treated to the likes of the Green Party on a regular basis, celebs galore (Will Young anyone?), pontificators like Will Self, David Starkey & Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, 'comedians' like David Mitchell, Mark Steele, Jo Brand & Frank Skinner plus an array from our current ragbag government when they're feeling brave enough to face the public. On top of all that the UAF are applying for seats in the audience (does anyone think they'll declare they're members of the UAF?)

The leaking of 16,000 names in order to pursue another witch-hunt (House of Lords, Armed Forces), Generals being applauded for getting involved in politics this week (the letter) when it was decried last week (Dannatt) is hypocrisy. Let the man speak on an open platform and let people decide for themselves.
UPDATE: The membership list turned out to be a fake


  1. Jeez, this whole thing is pissing me off too.. I´ve just done a post on the same thing...

    You can´t tackle the BNP until you tackle the reasons behind why people join them.. and that main reason is uncontrolled immigration and this governments policies on equality which leaves the white middle classes at the bottom of each and every priorty!

  2. Hi Sue, I'm sick of the (so-called ex?)communists in govt with their white man's guilt schtick, their re-writing of history & encouragement of a weak, victim mentality in parts of the electorate. In your 2nd para I think you could have left out the words 'middle classes' and it would still have made sense.

  3. Several of those articles have no problem with the BNP being on and are happy to let him speak, I think only three could be seen as an attack, the wikileaks thing being obviously one

    Otherwise it's just the media making a story for the sake of it, I agree they should grow up, it's just one edition of QT - but hey, it's got mileage

  4. I count 7 anti from the headlines alone Tarquin,(incl. vile, unsavoury, cancerous). It isn't just that though - it's the wall-to-wall speculative coverage. Following Griffin's interview on Sky this morning there's been a succession of 'experts' denouncing him again. All I ask is that he appears unhindered on QT, questioned and then allowed to speak his piece. I don't need intermediaries.


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