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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Media Deception Continues

Courtesy of A Brief Encounter:
The claim:

"I'm very happy for [a non-white audience member born in Britain] to stay here. What we've said is that we believe it's time to shut the door because this country is overcrowded. That criminals, bogus asylum seekers and people who aren't loyal to this country should be deported and everyone else can stay."
Nick Griffin MEP, BBC One's Question Time, 22 October 2009.

The analysis
Griffin omits to mention a significant and contentious part of his party's immigration policy - to "offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently".
The "non-white member of the audience" (of whom there were many and who represented a true Britain, according to Tessa Jowell on LBC Radio) was the one who called him 'Dick'.  Why is it 'contentious' when the govt already does this?  Perhaps the only problem is that the policy is hushed up?  Or perhaps the problem is the immigrants keep coming back for more of the same and more compensation because UK Border Agency is rubbish - as it was intended to be. It's The Magic Roundabout writ large.  No name, no pack-drill; no accountability and media compliance.

UPDATE:  Here's Gigits take on the audience:  (Click to enlarge)

How many can you spot:

The cute kids from "Slum Dog Millionaire"
Zulus - Thousands of 'em
Billy Bragg
White Liberals from rural Surrey who support multiculturalism for the wide range of cheese.
Muhammad Ali
The Nation of Islam
The Zimbabwe War Veterans
Wood Green Mosque
Lefties who don't need till sign on till next week
Nelson Mandela
Martin Smith of the UAF and Doctor Who Appreciation Society
Lenny Henry
The man who finds him funny
Keith Vas
Asians who vote for Keith Vas
Asians who are actually on the electoral role who vote for Keith Vas
People who hire Keith Vas
Shahid Malik
Shahid Maliks accountant
The Jewish Board of Deputies
The Muslim Council of Great Briton
The Prophet Mohammed
The Black Police Officers Association
The Black Lawyers Association
The Jedi High Council
The blokes who sell Socialist Worker
The one bloke who's actually bought one.
The Rebel Alliance
Anyone who saw "Roots" the Nineteen Seventies
The Tower Hamlets District Council (via Satellite from Bangladesh)
The Taliban
A restless lynch mob
Barrack Obama
Martin Luther King Jr
The Head of Diversity at the BBC
Peter Hain
Labour MPs scared that people will vote BNP
Members of the UAF who sneaked in
The Communist Party of Great Britain.
Weyman Bennet of the UAF
Lots of inarticulate black men with chips on their shoulder
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Morgan Freeman
The Jamaican bobsleigh team form the film "Cool Runnings"

The Sherrif from Blazing Saddles
Michael Jackson
And for the BNP two skinheads played by Tim Roth and Steven Berkoff


  1. isn't his policy to send back those of 'foreign descent' about sending back citizens, like e.g. Lenny Henry, Ashley Cole, James Khan... - whereas the government policy is paying off illegals and asylum seekers

  2. I went to the website and checked it Tarquin and yes, sorry, shades of meaning. The govt is paying off illegals whereas the BNP say they wouldn't offer money to illegals but just round them up and ship them out. They would, however, offer money to those of 'foreign descent' who wished to leave the UK.

    If your next question is "what will happen to those who don't take up the offer" your best bet is to visit the BNP website for yourself or ask a member

  3. I wonder what the "cost" in Labour votes and fraudulent postal votes would be if their "multi-cultuaral" experiment blows up?

  4. It has blown up OR. Buy Beanz.

  5. The BNP has a policy of voluntary repatriation, as does the Labour party...


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