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Friday, 30 October 2009

"Democracy Has To Be Paid For"

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On cutting the cost of elections Jack Straw has said:
"I and other ministers had absolutely no knowledge about this exercise. I make no complaint about that but now that it has gone public I make clear what I would have told officials privately: That these proposals are simply unacceptable. The exercise has therefore ended. Democracy has to be paid for."
Maybe so Jack, but we'll be watching.  Does no-one in this amoral government know what the heck's going on anymore?

H/t: Events dear boy, events


  1. Hmmm. I'm inclined not to trust Straw. Who commissioned the report and what was it's scope defined as?

  2. And how much did it cost and would he have said this if news hadn't leaked out? I don't trust him an inch either, Fausty. And there's still the chap who said "the democratic process isn't sacrosanct" as well - there are few too many like him in politics for my liking.

  3. Thank you for re-posting this, the first one escaped my attention.

    WhoTF is David Monks , the chief executive of Huntingdonshire council and chairman of the Society of Local Authorities & Senior Managers’ electoral matters panel to say that " the democratic process could not be treated as sacrosanct" and by what right does this clerk person presume to decide what is and what is not Sacrosanct?

    This DAVID MONKS character needs taking down a peg or two and reminded that it is his job to administer the Democratic Process, not subvert it to his own ends.

  4. That's it - David Monks - I couldn't remember his name or be bothered to search back :(

    There are too many like this jumped-up b@st@ard who think we're just 'plebs' and that they know what's best - why should be bother our little heads with it? I wonder what his pension entitlement is?

  5. Oh yes GV a very dangerous move to actually put those words into currency. Evil swine, they love this shit and have done it for centuries.

    It's an oratorial trick, defeats logic every time when released in the clear.

    That fucker knew what he was up to.


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