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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fantastisch Nieuws: Geert Wilders

The Home Office ban on Geert Wilders must be lifted after Wilders won his Appeal against Jacqui Smith's decision to bar him from entering the UK.
"Lord Ahmed, a self-proclaimed Muslim “leader” who, unlike Wilders, has never been elected by anyone, said that Wilders’s criticism of his religion was “an incitement of religious and racial hatred”. He denies*** saying he would bring down 10,000 protesters to the Lords, but there was a definite air of surrender in the air.
Meanwhile the Government’s great friends, the Muslim Council of Britain, called Wilders “an open and relentless preacher of hate”. (This is the same MCB that has been reluctant to attend Holocaust Memorial Day and objects to mention of the “alleged Armenian genocide” and the “so-called gay Holocaust”.)"
***10,000 Muslim protesters
10,000 Muslim protesters
10,000 Muslim protesters

This is the same Lord Ahmed who was jailed for 12 weeks for being involved in a fatal crash when he was sending & receiving text messages but served only two weeks and the same Lord Ahmed who called for the arrest of British Jews serving with the IDF.

Now let's see how Michael Savage gets on with his Appeal.


  1. More good news like this and I'll go out and buy a hat.

  2. The Home Office hasn't reacted yet so far as I know - maybe it will be like the retention of dna samples which they were told were illegal but have still done sod all about. Still if Wilders is reinvited by the HoL and accepts, that can only be good news and even better if Savage pays us a visit too. Happy Days!

  3. I bet the HoL have (with the aid of their grandkids) been able to watch the Wilders movie - and I bet they agree wholeheartedly (apart from the new appointees).

    What is Cameron's stance on this. Will things improve if he's PM? If Boris's appeasement is anything to go by, I doubt it.

    Wilders needs to be kept in the spotlight, just like MPs' expenses, so that they have no choice but to deal with it. He's one of the few people of courage willing to stand up to this trashing of our culture.

  4. If they had anything about them they should have seen it online as you say Fausty. You'd think the fuss would make it a natural 'must-view' but I wouldn't hold my breath. Most of them seem to have been distracted by the perks of privilege and what they can milk from the system to have any interest in reality.


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