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Monday, 5 October 2009

Hague's Speech To Conference + Videos

You have William Hague to thank for this (if 'thank' is the right word).  After the Irish 'Yes', the weekend's unremitting analysis of what ratification of the Lisbon Treaty means for Gt. Britain followed by Klaus's 'you only have yourselves to blame' message I was going to take a break today to recharge.  However, I can't let Hague's speech to Conference pass  unremarked.

He followed Letwin, Pickles, Maude, Johnson, Young, Goldie & others and closed the morning's session.  Letwin was okay - a speech full of where we've been, where we're going worthiness; Pickles was a platitudinous & fatuous Uncle Eric and I didn't pay much attention to Maude, Young, et al.  Johnson spoke of putting the EU in its place where our financial centre of the City of London is concerned (cynical so am I see it believe it I will when).

Hague began with the usual stereotypical bollox but was thoroughly warmed to his task by the time he reached the following section; it's his own version of 'I have a little list' and is in response to Brown's own:
"Last week Gordon Brown read out a list if you remember of what he thought Labour had achieved.  Imagine how I felt when I heard him proudly list among Labour's achievements the Disability Discrimination Act and watched the Labour Conference slavishly applauding him when many at the Conference will know that the Disability Discrimination Act was passed under the premiership of John Major and was designed, written and taken through Parliament by me.  That tells you something about the Prime Minister and it tells you a lot about his list.  Well if he wants lists, I'll give him a list.  This is the list of the last twelve wasted years:

£22,500 debt for every child born in Britain
111 tax rises from a government that promised no tax rises at all
The longest national tax code in the world
£100,000 millions drained from British Pension Funds
Gun crime up by 57%
Violent crime up by 70%
The highest proportion of children living in workless households anywhere in Europe
The number of pensioners living in poverty up by 100,000
The lowest level of social mobility in the developed world
The only G7 country with no growth this year
One in six young people neither earning nor learning
5,000,000 people on out of work benefit
Missing the target of halving child poverty
Ending up with child poverty rising three years in a row instead
Cancer survival states amongst the worst in Europe
Hospital acquired infections killing nearly three times as many people as are killed on the road
Falling from 4th to 13th in the world competitiveness league
Falling from 8th to 24th in the world education rankings in maths
Falling from 7th to 17th in the rankings in literacy
The police spending more time on paperwork than on the beat
Fatal stabbings at an all-time high
Prisoners released without serving their sentences
Foreign prisoners released and never deported
7,000,000 people without an NHS dentist
Small business taxes going up
Business taxes raised from among the lowest to among the highest in Europe
Tax rises for working people set for after the election
The 10p tax rate abolished
And the unforgettable and ludicrous promise to have ended 'boom & bust'
This is the list of the last twelve years"
[interrupted for applause]
"I can go on with it if you want me to.
Our gold reserves sold for a quarter of their worth
Our Armed Forces over-stretched and under-supplied
Profitable post offices closed against their will
One of the highest rates of family break-down in Europe
The golden rule on borrowing abandoned when it didn't fit
Police Inspectors in 10 Downing Street
Dossiers that were dodgy
Mandelson resigning the first time
Mandelson resigning the second time
Mandelson coming back for a third time
Bad news buried
Personal details lost
An election bottled
A referendum denied
This is the list, this is the legacy, this is the record of a government that, after all the hope and the hype and the hysteria at the beginning, has comprehensively failed our country..."
He went on, kicking them where it hurts, scoring direct hits on Mandelson, unveiling more policies to more applause, more laughter and a modest standing ovation.   I could kiss him.
The list:

On Europe:


  1. Careful now GV, we can't have emotion like that from an Englishman. It's just not on old chap :)

  2. SR! :) I keep telling you I'm not a man - English or no. You'll have to stop or I shall call you 'old pal' by way of retaliation.

    You've also called me 'Howard' three times since March, not that I'm counting:)

  3. It depends how the referendum is worded Quiet Man.


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