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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


My thanks to an overnight commenter for posting a link to an article by a man* who writes:
But when I find that not only have I become the story, in the row over Labour's immigration policy, but that my views have been twisted out of all recognition, I have to respond.
I think this man* is taking too much on himself.

He goes on to say:
But my sense from several discussions was there was also a subsidiary political purpose to it - boosting diversity and undermining the Right's opposition to multiculturalism.

Somehow this has become distorted by excitable Right-wing newspaper columnists into being a "plot" to make Britain multicultural.
So tell me how this is any different to what was originally reported on Friday?  I think this man* is being disingenuous and this is merely an artificial exercise in damage limitation.  It's heartening to see that his 'clarification' is getting short shrift in the comments section and, if anything, he's just keeping the story alive since no-one else seems to be very interested.

* You all know his name anyway so I see no need to reprint it here - after all, we wouldn't like him to become the story would we?

Something is, undeniably, 'going on'.
The Civil Contingencies Act last updated 12th August 2009
UK Resilience last updated 21st October 2009

In the words of Gordon Brown: "There is nothing you could say to me now that I could ever believe."

UPDATE: From the Daily Mail:
Socially-engineered immigration + 50% increase


  1. Your Resilience link was very spooky

  2. I think 'spooky' is fast becoming 'normal'. How can we tell the difference? Drip, drip, drip.


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