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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Direct EU Taxation

I don't normally get around to reading the Daily Express but the other papers this morning all seem so predictable and are going over old ground. The Express claims to have seen documents revealing proposals for Britons to pay taxes direct to the EU.
Mats Persson, of think-tank Open Europe, warned the plans would “rightly cause concern among British taxpayers”.

Jim McConalogue of the European Foundation, which wants to renegotiate European treaties, said: “It is clear from its so-called ‘reform’ agenda that Brussels is committed to the daylight ­robbery of the British taxpayer.”

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, branded the idea of direct taxation from Brussels an “outrage”.  He added: “Control of taxation must rest solely in the hands of democratically elected politicians who answer to British taxpayers.  The EU has shown time and time again it is greedy for power. This is another sign they will never stop trying to grab it.”

Ruth Lea of Eurosceptic think-tank Global Vision said: “People need to wake up to the fact we are now in a superstate.  Year by year we are living in an integrated United States of Europe and this is just part of it.”

We already pay taxes to the EU via our own government; these plans merely cut out the Westminster middle-men.


  1. Those Euro Taxes will then be doled out to the Regions Of Europe on a need to have basis wheighted by how pro EU their administrations are.
    What use now District and Council Authorities or indeed Central Government ? They might at least have had the decency to let the ink dry on the about to be ratified Lisbon Constitution.

  2. Yes, the policies are coming thick and fast now and it can only get worse. The months between full ratification of Lisbon and our next GE are going to seem interminable.


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