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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ireland's Referendum

If anyone wants further info on the referendum just click the Ireland or EU post tag.

The Daily Telegraph: The former Irish finance minister said: "When Irish people rejected the Treaty a year ago, the initial reaction ranged from shock to horror to temper to vexation. That would be the view of a lot of the people who live in the Brussels beltway.

"On the other hand, all of the political leaders know quite well that if a similar question was put to their electorate by a referendum, the answer in 95 per cent of the countries would probably have been 'No' as well."


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  2. You're welcome, & thank you :)

  3. T'in lizzie fer chrissakeOctober 01, 2009

    So dat would be 40% votin' yes, den?
    A clear majority, fer shure.

  4. In Euroland, that, indeed, would be a majority if that's what the EU wanted.

  5. Sorry - I'm very pushed for time lately and didn't post the supporting link. Hope this clarifies it. The EU are going ahead anyway, with or without.

  6. I am sorry to say it but we are fucked.

  7. I tend to agree 13th but there's still breath in the body. The EU have been in a crazy, head-long rush in the last few yrs and they make bad judgments which expose them to scrutiny. People are noticing what they do and what they stand for. There are so many speeches on YouTube now & it's very easy to find information - Commissioners & architects of the EU themselves explain what it's all about - a supranational United States of Europe.

  8. Sure, but only we know this and most of the blogosphere know this yet the public at large are swalloing the garabage fed to them by the BBC. My local newspaper this morning had a piece which categorically got most the of the process wrong and they were just swalloing the soundbites given to them without any kind of scrutiny. It was not journalism it was propaganda.

  9. Maybe I'm being too hopeful then. It seems to be coming to the fore, principally because Labour are crowing & slurring about the Cons leaving the EPP plus Merkel's govt has cut some meetings with them (only Opposition after all) until they're elected.


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