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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Italian War Tactics

Taliban insurgent in French kit

When Italian forces were charged with controlling Sarobi District, 40 miles east of Kabul, they suffered the loss of one soldier in a year which led the French contingent who replaced them to think that the area was 'benign'.  Within weeks the French were caught up in a Taliban ambush which cost the lives of ten soldiers.  Why?  Because the Italians had secretly been paying tens of thousands of dollars to keep the Taliban off their backs.  The French didn't know and so made an incorrect threat assessment.
Two Western military officials in Kabul confirmed that intelligence briefings after the ambush said that the French troops had believed they were moving through a benign area — one which the Italian military had been keen to show off to the media as a successful example of a “hearts and minds” operation.
Another Nato source confirmed the allegations of Italian money going to insurgents. “The Italian intelligence service made the payments, it wasn’t the Italian Army,” he said. “It was payments of tens of thousands of dollars regularly to individual insurgent commanders. It was to stop Italian casualties that would cause political difficulties at home.”
With allies like this ...

Full story here.


  1. Is paying your enemy to leave you alone ( in the Cosa Nostra tradition ) morally better or worse than running away ?

  2. Here's the lesson of the dollar loosing reserve currency status. The spagbol munchers would simply ask uncle Ben at the Fed to effectively shovel some paper their way, we'd all pay through unseen inflation and taxes in the long term, the Taliban were happy, Spagbol funerals were few and far between. Sweet.

    Loose that printing press and we are in real shit over there.

  3. If that's their strategy they could at least have informed their allies.

  4. GV that just tells you what a complete fuck up there is out there.

    No one except Bush/Obama/Brown actually wants to be in that dump.

  5. I wouldn't want the Italians watching my back, that's for sure.


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