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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lady Smith of Redditch

A campaign is underway to prevent Jacqui Smith being elevated to the Lords when she is booted out at the GE.  Her apology in the House has cut no ice with her Redditch constituents:
It was bad enough that in May she was revealed to have been the first Cabinet minister to claim for blue movies on their parliamentary expenses. But the confirmation in the official inquiry that she broke the rules by incorrectly claiming more than £100,000 by declaring her five bedroom constituency house as her second home, was enough to send campaigners into the market square.
Flyers are now being distributed, complete with a picture of a bathroom plug which was one of the items she claimed on her expenses, condemning her for refusing to attend a public meeting to discuss her expenses.
In other expenses news the seats of Alan Duncan and Keith Vaz are being targeted by Independents and David Wilshire has been up to no good.

A selection of letters to the Telegraph shows what people are thinking.

Here's Jacquaay & Dick, courtesy of TractorStats:


  1. I'd like to know what Mr Leggs letter to her had to say and how come she's been let off paying us our money back.
    Nothing to do with ferreting for dirt on her colleagues while Home Secretary one hopes.

    btw, has that splendid TS image been forwarded to her constituency detractors ?

  2. Don't you just love politics? A slap on the wrist for some and a nasty letter for others and they expect all will be forgiven?

    They are even more deluded than I first thought.

    That pic is class though.

  3. A case of the punishment not fitting the crime - different penalties for different folk. I see Brown's condemned David Wilshire this afternoon, pity he doesn't take a closer look at his own front bench as well.

  4. woman on a raftOctober 15, 2009

    "and how come she's been let off paying us our money back."

    The BBC said that the panel which decided the penalty was originally going to be ten MPs. Of the five non-Labour members, four had to drop out of the sanctions meeting for one reason or another. The penalty was decided by five Labour members and (I think) one Conservative.

    So they decided an apology was enough and she didn't have to pay any money back. And they expect the same cooperation if and when they are in the same position.


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