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Monday, 12 October 2009

Meanwhile, Back At The EU

From The Daily Telegraph:
News Most Viewed Today

1. God is not the Creator, claims academic
2. Stephen Gately's family dismiss reports of eight-hour drinking session
3. Stephen Gately dies: Boyzone singer's partner tried to revive him
4. Two-year-old with same IQ as Einstein
5. Stephen Gately: Boyzone arrive at Majorca house where singer died

What's happening in the Czech Republic?

The caretaker PM, Jan Fischer, announced a 'climb-down' after an emergency cabinet meeting in Prague, saying he would negotiate President Vaclav Klaus's call for a new Lisbon Treaty "opt-out" when he met other EU leaders later this month on the 29th.
Mr Fischer, who has been summoned to Brussels on Tuesday to explain the Czech position, was forced to admit that he was unsure whether Mr Klaus would sign the EU Treaty, even if his demand was met. [My bold].
Concern is growing across the EU that last-minute Czech demands could drag ratification out into next year, raising the spectre of a British referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if David Cameron wins a general election next spring.
Tie that in with the news that Brown has appointed a mere Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Chris Bryant, to replace Lady Kinnock and there's a lot of negotiating & threatening going on at the moment.  As far as Bryant is concerned, why would we need a Europe Minister anyway?  When Lisbon goes through Europe will have its own President and Foreign Minister - our representative will be inconsequential (vid. Bryant).  Regarding the Czechs accepting a proposal similar to the Irish 'guarantees', Ladislav Jakl, Vaclav Klaus's spokesman  had this to say:
"The guarantees given to Ireland are not guarantees. They were a political declaration in a style such that the Irish wolf filled its stomach and the Lisbon goat remained whole," he told the Lidové Noviny newspaper.


  1. Support Vaclav Klaus! Stop the Lisbon Treaty!




  2. RIP Stephen Gately, he was one of the more talented performers in Boyzone

  3. Thanks for the links anon.
    Sam, I think you've posted on the wrong blog.


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