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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

MPs Supporting Our Pubs

The MPs below who tabled this Early Day Motion at a cost of approximately £350 might do better if they supported the reform of the Smoking Ban and the Live Music legislation. Still, it's a nice bit of publicity for them.


Greg Mulholland

Lynne Jones

Mr Mike Hancock

Dr John Pugh

Peter Bottomley

Frank Cook

* 12

Mr Andrew Dismore
Mark Hunter
Mr Lindsay Hoyle

   That this House recognises that visiting the pub in the summer is a traditional and treasured national pastime; further recognises that pubs are hugely important to the British tourist trade and that they are a unique and very attractive part of a UK holiday; hopes that this summer sees some good weather to encourage people to visit the pub and celebrate pubs and beer gardens; further hopes that this will lead to a welcome increase in trade in this vital industry; and further hopes that hon. Members will support their local pubs by visiting them over the summer recess, as well as visiting pubs when they are on their holidays, joining many millions of people enjoying their unique atmosphere and hospitality all over the UK
Just saying!


  1. So 6 MPs out of 646 - they really haven't got a clue.

    How did they do with regard to the Smoking ban legislation:
    Greg Mulholland - in favour
    Lynne Jones - in favour
    Mr Mike Hancock - in favour
    Dr John Pugh - in favour
    Peter Bottomley - in favour
    Frank Cook - in favour of smoking ban.

    These MPs make two planks of wood seem like a computer compared to their intellect.

    Now if you excuse me, I'm going to bang my head against the wall so I can become as "wise" as these morons.

  2. What utterly vacuous bullshit.

    Is this an example of what we are paying the toerags a minimum of £64,000 to do!?

    My God, they like to rub our faces in it, don't they?

  3. EDMs rarely make it to debate. They cost £350 roughly for each one. No-one takes any notice of them unless they're taken up by the msm and gain momentum. I mentioned this as something important being treated as a joke - a £350 joke. You should read some of the other EDMs.


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