"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pleased Is Not The Same As Happy

It's been a sad day. I've read about a homosexual policeman being beaten by a gang to within an inch of his life, a pensioner axed to death by a total stranger, a lone woman  attacked, kicked and stabbed by two passing men, a gang of teenagers setting fire to a man's beard whilst he slept on a train, the list goes on and on, day by day.  If the answer to all this was as simple as voting in a new government who could wave a magic wand then my mood might lift a little, but it isn't. Anyone who thinks our rules and laws aren't being directed by the EU is an idiot and Cameron has little room for manoeuvre on this - he supports it yet challenges it and wants to be at the heart of it; he wants to be at the heart of it but challenges it. ?

I'm pleased that Open Europe's article was given wider coverage in the online Daily Mail this morning but the fact remains that the structure of the EU cannot survive; to do that it must depend on control and surveillance.  As a rule, people don't like that.

The EU was built on a false premise, on shifting sands, and is therefore a political house of cards that, ultimately, will fail.  This fact still doesn't please me or make me happy.  The fact that the Lisbon Treaty has not yet been fully ratified also means that it still remains largely hidden from open scrutiny so the majority of people still don't realise what's behind it, why it does what it does or who benefits.  Believe me, it hasn't been created just to make it easier for us to travel or work in Europe and it doesn't cajole us to join the euro just to make it easier for us on holiday and put Cambios out of business.   Many of the structures provided for in Lisbon but not yet in effect have already been put in place behind the scenes so that they can be implemented as quickly as possible.  This is how sure they are of themselves; this is hubris.  I hope it's their downfall.

In their political equations they've ignored the fortitude of people: they seem to think we can be ignored and that they won't face opposition:

Trafalgar Square, 1913
Warsaw, 1944
Hungary, 1956
China, 1989
Iran, 2003

They're wrong.  Despite all their laws and all their cameras,  a backlash is inevitable and that's what makes me sad today - the backlash to come once people find out what the EU really means.

I'm going to give PMQs Verdict a miss tomorrow, unless something spectacular happens like Cameron  metaphorically 'decking' Brown.  I now see it as an inconsequential side-show for the  masses with nothing relevant to say, so don't hold your breath.

The EU: it was set up in the aftermath of violence and it will finish in violence.  The people will be their nemesis.


  1. Jack Straw is claiming that the immigration social engineering leak is a complete fabrication.

    How many people in the country would just believe him on account of the fact that he is a senior minister? I suspect that the answer to that is practically zero. Personally, I would believe Jack Straw if he told me that rain was wet.

    When it comes to a level of contempt and distrust in 'leadership' that seems to exist in the country, then the system is beyond repair. We need a new one. We need a system that people can relate to, that people can believe in, we need the return of England.

  2. Jack Straw would piss on you and then tell you that you were sweating!!

  3. I've been reading the papers this morning - so depressing.

  4. Election ffs... I wonder how many people are now looking at other parties than the main three? Also there does not seem to be enough said of the potential 7% who are considering the BNP, saying that this is an inconsequential figure. The Libdems will at most get 15% I reckon and the BNP half of that - how is this not a fucking outrage?!

    I want to say 'when will they wake up' I do not need to, they have woken up, "our" politicians, and they do not give a shit.


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