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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

PMQs: I Can't Be Bothered

It's a given that I lost my sense of humour about this govt a few years ago and all that's left to me is honesty and ridicule.

I had the misfortune to catch the end of 'Scotland Questions' in which Jim Murphy and Danny Alexander answered questions:

Lindsay Roy MP, Glenrothes: By how much will the bottom grant for Scotland increase in 2010/11.

Jim Murphy, Sec of State for Scotland:

"The Scottish government [sic] will have more money next year than it has this. It's a remarkable benefit of the economics of the United Kingdom and the fact is, Mr Speaker, the Scottish govt, the SNP Scottish Government, today, has doubled the budget that Donald Dewar had when he was First Minister. However Mr Speaker, the SNP Scottish Govt is going to have to tighten its belt and make some savings like every other family and company is doing in Scotland."

That put me in a bad mood even before I'd started on PMQs. The Scottish Executive is just that - it isn't a govt in its own right and the present govt of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland shouldn't give the impression that it is.

Gordon Brown, 'World Statesman of the Year', opened PMQs with a tribute to the dead in Afghanistan and a commitment to those still alive. He named all those killed in Afghanistan in the time Parliament had been in recess (82 days). It took him three minutes & a bag-load of hypocrisy  to list thirty-seven names & Regiments.

Anne Winterton (Con, Congleton) had the first question which was about the Lisbon Treaty.
AW: "Mr Speaker, when the Lisbon Treaty comes in to force, the European Council will become a formal institution of the European Union. As the UK member of that institution will the PM confirm that he is bound by its rules and is thus obliged to further the objectives of the EU in preference to those of the UK?"

PM: "As far as the EU is concerned, we joined the EU in the 1970's and we hold by our obligations to the EU but that doesn't prevent us representing the national sovereignty of this country."

It wasn't a European Union when we voted on it, it was a friendly community of trading partners & Brown has changed language, changed history by calling it the EU in 1972. Nothing was mentioned about the Lisbon Treaty over-riding the Communities Act we had a referendum on in 1972.

I really can't be bothered any more - questions asked are questions asked too late or not answered at all.

Some notes:
Tony Wright has a dig at Gen Sir Richard Dannatt
Cameron - TA - lack of training yet still parachuted into Afghanistan*
serried ranks primped and primed
leap across despatch box and slap him soundly with a wet fish
green power
Bercow - they got what they voted for
elfyn llwyd plaid leader how many ex-services are in prison
let's face it, he's still the toerag who wrote about blagging your way into parties by putting 2 bricks in the bottom of a carrier bag and a few empty cans on top.

Brown's statement on Afghanistan
AFLS = absofuckinglutely stupid
Extra troops on one hand and £20m on the other - taliban weapons
Cameron - helicopters, not training the TA
Flashman Blair Brown
Charge of the Light Brigade
House less than a third full
wheat -v- opium
Fat chance

Sir Peter Tapsell: Can I put it to the PM that anyone who thinks that a NATO-trained Afghan Army recruited from six to seven mutually hostile tribes is going to defeat the Taliban is living in a political cloud cuckoo land.

Brown's response:Waffle .

My response: Do the right thing and call a GE now. Where's our Monarch in all this? Dissolve Parliament and call a GE.  What happened to the people?  Where did we go?
UPDATE: From Sky: "Clarke's cronies in his latest bid to destablise the PM are Tony Blair's best pal Charlie Falconer, ex-ministers Malcolm Wicks, Nick Raynsford, Denis MacShane, Parmjit Dhanda, Hugh Bayley and Meg Munn, backbencher Nick Palmer and ex-MP Calum McDonald."   Hmmm, Labour Future? I don't think so.


  1. Our monarch is giving head to Philip at the minute,and can't be arsed with matters of state.Why should she?She lives in a big fuck-off house,paid for by the peasants.

  2. I've always been a Monarchist but believe me SoA, if the choice was between being a Republic or being in the EU, I'm for a Republic. She's let us down badly and I see no worth in retaining them just to rubber-stamp legislation.

  3. Och GV, get used to a Scottish Government: it isn't going away :¬)

  4. It's the twisted language I object to Conan - call a spade a spade and an Executive an Executive - don't turn around mid-stream and call it a 'government'. As you should know, I have no objections to Scotland having its own government and being totally independent of England, Wales and N.Ireland if that's what Scots want.

  5. A Labour Government in Westminster called it an executive, for that's what it was when Labour were in control. Now it's a Government because it stands up for Scotland-NOT the Labour Party.

  6. No-one thinks the SNP is composed purely of Labour supporters Conan. Are you going to the conference this weekend? I'll make a point of watching Salmond's speech on tv, it should be interesting.



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