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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

PMQs: Verdict + Videos

As expected Cameron led on the u-turn on cutbacks in funding the Territorials which was really just his way of saying, "Look at me, aren't I clever?" Then he tried to nail Brown on the economy. He did raise some valid points but the thing that stood out for me in Brown's response was his boasting that "today in Brussels we have received permission so that Northern Rock can be sustained as a company". Hoof*ckingray.

Clegg went on Copenhagen & climate change and Brown repeated a line he's used before: "M-m-m-m-Mister Speaker, I feel he wrote his second question before he'd heard my answer to his first." Well, duh! He must have been reading his Bedtime Book of Stock Phrases to Whip Out on Any Occasion again.

There was lots of shouting from both sides, as you can hear in the brief clip below. Towards the end Clive Efford a Labour MP made a huge gaffe which was roundly booed by the Conservatives; he called Brown 'our Head of State'. Efford knew exactly what he was saying, it wasn't a slip of the tongue. The highlight of the exchange, for me, was Cameron mouthing "Oh, do get off," when Brown was responding to a planted question from Chris Ruane, a Labour back-bencher, about the Conservatives withdrawing from the EPP in the EP to join with "extremists".

David Evennett (Con, Bexleyheath & Crayford): "Can the PM tell me, why do we need a President of the EU and who is he supporting for the job?"

Brown: "We've made it very clear that if this position is to be created, and the European treaty is not yet through, [scattered howls of disbelief from the benches] and if, and if, and if, if, er, if the former Prime Minister Tony Blair comes forward as a candidate we will be very happy to support him."

That's that really. Quite dull.  Here's a video courtesy of The Daily Politics. If any others become available I'll post them below.

Here's some waffle about switching off lights in Downing Street to save energy. I can think of better reasons to cut off the electricity supply to that place:

Finally, here's a video of Cameron saying 'oh, do get off':


  1. Hi GV, PMQ's is available in full here

  2. Thanks Ollie, I can't sit through it again - twice was more than enough for me but others may like it. It's also repeated at the w/ends on Sky 504.

  3. When Clive Efford said that I virtually screamed, labour may view it as a technical issue, but I don't want Brown getting any more titles that he doesn't deserve - glad someone picked up on it

    At the election all I want is a party that seeks to ban planted questions about the opposition at PMQs (who have no right of reply) - I'm not sure who it was but one Labour MP was going on about 'that lot t'over there' to huge cheers, bloody joke

  4. Hi Tarquin, yes, technically he may have been right but constitutionally it was wrong, wrong, wrong (to quote). MPs seem to have accepted that they're nothing but an overblown talking shop for rubber stamping EU directives - the whole PMQs thing is currently a waste of space.

    I wish someone had video'd Efford - his face twisted in anger & spite as he shouted above the noise. Nasty piece of work.


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