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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Points Of Order: Carter Ruck & Super Injunctions

MPs question Speaker Bercow on Carter £uck, Trafigura and the principle of reporting Parliament to the public:

No doubt Bercow will want to instigate an Inquiry before he delivers his verdict!
h/t: The Daily Politics


  1. Glad you posted that. I've been so swamped by IT probs, I've not had a chance to browse the news!

    BTW, using my son's computer, trying to post a message (via Firefox), there was no comment box!

    Probably a curse of the gods of IT on me at the mo!

  2. So was Carter £ucks injunction ( or whatever ) rubbished by the televising of Parliament itself, regardless of bloggs and twitter ?

  3. The injunction was lifted before it was raised in Parliament Banned so blogs & twitter plus the threat of a protest outside CR's offices won the day.

    Fausty, I've given up aiming for anything 'fancy' at the moment (like posting msgs!), it's all I can do to get online some days. Hope you get your Linux sorted out soon.


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