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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Ramblings: Sabotage -v- Politicking

What's it called when someone apparently sabotages their own plans? Calling it 'electoral suicide' might be too strong and 'shooting oneself in the foot' doesn't quite do it justice. How about 'beating the electorate over the head with conflicting propositions and then sitting back and blaming everyone else when you can't do what you said you would but you knew that would be the case all along'?

I think that just about sums up Cameron's position on the EU but perhaps 'sabotage' isn't the word, perhaps it's been the art of politicking from the outset.

politic adj 1 said of a course of action: prudent; wise; shrewd. 2 said of a person: cunning; crafty. 3 old use political. See also body politic. verb (also politick) (politicked, politicking) intrans, derog to indulge in politics, especially to strike political bargains or to gain votes for oneself.

After looking at all the evidence M'Lud I submit that Mr 'same destination; different path' Cameron has always wanted Britain to be in the EU. Ted Heath begged our way into it (I wish he were alive today. Still, come the revolution we can always dig him up and hang his bones on a gibbet in Parliament Square), Thatcher discovered what it was all about and stood her ground as best she could, John 'Maastricht' Major didn't.

The Trades Unions wanted to join the EU because they saw the EU as giving them more power -  they imagined an EU-wide strike of, eg, postal workers.  I bet they'll be amongst the first on the bonfire of vanities.

The Labour Party, composed as it is of Fabians, ex-Marxists, ex-Trots, and advocates of Common Purpose & Agenda21, have always been sneaky International Socialist backdoor-dogs.  Some are useful idiots and the majority, Miliband, Brown, Balls, Straw et al, will find they are expendable.

Back to Cameron:  In less than twelve months we have gone from this, which was a holding position, to this, when his prevarications were noted by the msm, and this, which we knew would be the outcome. In fairness, he has always said, "If the Lisbon Treaty has not been ratified by all 27 countries by the time there is a Conservative government, we will hold a referendum."  When pushed, the line has always been, "We will not let matters rest there."

There was never any way on God's earth that the Lisbon Treaty would not be fully ratified by all twenty-seven countries if/when the Conservatives formed a government next May and Cameron knew it, even as he wrote to Vaclav Klaus asking him to delay the Czech signing (nice try, Dave).

We can expect sudden and major changes in our Constitution to become self-evident - things done behind closed doors will come out into the open and why not?  After all, in the words of EU Leaders, this Treaty is the final treaty and the EU won't need another: it is self-amending.  Cameron's promise to put further treaties to the British people is hollow and he knows it.  He must know it because even I know it.  I think I'm right in saying that after Lisbon there's only one way to go back and that's to repeal the the 1972 European Communities Act.

That's the Party I'll vote for - the one that gives the British people a voice because I'm heartily sick of this damned stuff - look below at the Post of the Week from CharonQC or if you're feeling more poetic and can stand being kicked in the solar plexus, read Philip Pullman's powerful statement on the state of our country.

What will it take? When will GK Chesterton's Silent People speak?


  1. Yes, it's becoming very obvious that when it comes to the EU, "Call me Dave" is bought and paid for.

  2. Sadly, I agree. The next question is which way? We have only two parties - UKIP or BNP.

  3. GV,
    What a brilliant post! Well thought out and argued! You are indeed a star!

    If you look at manifestos, there is only one party for your vote and that must be Ukip. That party has maintained all along that we must govern ourselves, that we must truly devolve power, not 'play' at it, that what we want is what Norway has - trade and not political rule!

    So we repeal the 1972 Act and the EU fines us - so what, who needs who the most where trade is concerned? Who will 'blink first'? As for trade, we have a ready market in the Commonwealth.

    The three main parties all seem to think that the 'EU problem' doesn't matter, that it will go away'. Think again, dickheads!

    Bring it on Brussels!

  4. I share your outrage. Sadly you're correct when you say: "We have only two parties - UKIP or BNP." My party - the SNP - are pro both the EU and mass immigration - positions I oppose. What's a poor Scot to do?

  5. scunnert,

    Emigrate.....to England?

  6. I like your gung ho attitude WoW but I'm still cagey about UKIP - this next election could be our last with any meaning yet it could be our denied referendum. If Pearson of Rannoch is elected UKIP leader I'll look at the policies he brings forward for the country - economy, crime, education etc. Strange isn't it that the left-wing/right-wing of politics should be brought down to the BNP or UKIP?

  7. Scunnert - don't do anything because you've got it right - stay in Canada and watch Scotland (and England, Wales & Northern Ireland) be subsumed into the EU monolith and thank your lucky stars. Until, of course the American Union has more press in the US.

  8. Whatever happens, there always will be the option of the people taking back their own country. Tyrannies thrive only so long as the people endure them.

  9. Mr Pulman needs to update his list of Labours terrible laws.
    UKIP for me given that Dave is clearly lying to us just like all the others.
    Was chatting to some Irish chaps at the airport the other day, they took it as given that the island of Ireland formed a single Euro Region, dunno why.


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