"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Salmond Wordled

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Wordle: Salmond's Speech to Conference

The full text of Salmond's speech ran to nine pages on Politics Home and this is just the first page - he got off to a cracking start.

Links to the YouTubed speech:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I'm glad he highlighted the EU grants to the region of Scotland and the fact that it's a Scottish Prime Minister & a Scottish Chancellor who are threatening cuts. Just a small point: cuts aren't threatened only to Scotland, where Brown is the constituency MP for Kirkaldy and Darling the constituency MP for Edinburgh South West, but also to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In fact, all of the assets Brown mentioned in the firesale are English.

Despite months of asking why the SNP favour the EU over a UK, I'm still none the wiser. All I hear from some of the more rabid SNP commenters is that they hate the English. Their eyes and ears are closed and they don't see a common cause. I'm sorry for that because I truly believed we were stronger together - more fool me.

One blog's commenters called me arrogant, condescending and other vaguely remembered insults when I said Salmond shouldn't be included in any televised PM debate on the grounds that he wasn't in line to be PM of Britain whereas Brown & Cameron were.  No attention was given to the potential for a second-tier debate with UKIP, Plaid Cymru, SNP & others (LibDems?). One SNPer even stopped following when I put up the Mock the Jock graphic from The Red Rag when anyone with half an eye and a sense of humour could see that it was poetic licence aimed at Gordon Brown. To be honest, I've known rabid monkeys more welcoming and willing to debate than some SNP supporters.

Btw, it's my Uncle's birthday.   He served in the Paras:

Perhaps I should apply for a job as an an interpreter.


  1. We may be stronger together, but we (the English) will still do quite well apart, providing we can get out of the EU. Otherwise it's anyones guess.

  2. I just think it's a shame to break up the country after more than 300 years QM, that's all. If that's truly what the Scots, Welsh and N.Irish want, then I won't argue with them. We English need our own Parliament - the country's already been broken up but we just don't realise it yet. We're already Regions of the EU - we don't realise that yet either but we will, come November. Watch out for the flag-waving and anthem-playing celebrations in Brussels.

  3. Haw you hen - Ah'm a nationalist that rejects the EU, who welcomes joint action wae oor English cousins agin that undemocratic parcel ae rogues, and who still thinks yer an arrogant twat fur sidelining Scot's aspirations as no being a UK wide phenomena. Aye - Alex Salmond wull never be PM ae the UK. Bit if he gits his wey thur wullnae be a UK.

    Ah still like yer blog though and wull take every opportunity tae come oan here tae gie ye a lambastin when ye step oot ae line.

    A freen fae the Northern Region.

  4. I don't think we should take the pronouncements of the SNP as what "the Scots" want .

    It's what the SNP want .

    In the current anti-Labour circumstances , even if they were to gain a majority , as they have never come close to doing before , it would be more an indication of a protest vote .

    Salmond is doing what politicians do in multi-party systems , hoping to use his miniscule representation to gain some crumbs from the table to show his electors he's getting something for them .

    Expect much more of this if the Labour-Lib Dem leftists get the Proportional Representation they are currently talking about .

    You'll note , as well , that even Salmond isn't trying to make this a Scots v. English thing , although , as you note , some of his more lunatic supporters do .

    Even I , true blue Conservative voter that I am (OK . UKIP a couple of times) get worked up when I read comments from like-minded bloggers south of the border making sweeping "The Scots are pish , because (insert lying politician) said (insert stupid comment)."

    Goodnight Vienna gets to the heart of the matter , though . This is about the EU and its , so far successful , attempt to break up and dominate Britain .

    From a historical perspective I think Quiet_Man is wrong . England did not get on well , or as well as it should , when it sat alone in relation to the continent . All you got was defeat in the Hundred Years' War and a retreat into a surly "Merrie England" mentality .
    Similarly Scotland was nothing until we joined with England . All we got for our alliance with France was large numbers of dead in foreign wars , religious persecution and French occupation .

    I am firmly of the belief that our current spate of bickering has been deliberately engineered by Brussels to weaken us and strengthen the EU .
    Do we want to play their game ?

    P.S. Like the video of the leafiest , most genteel parts of Glasgow's West End . Reminds me very much of my far-off University days .

    That areas such as this aren't rock-solid Conservative seats , as they were as recently as 1979 , should tell us that something has gone very wrong in the relationship between Scotland and England . We need to sort it out , rather than squabble over who's to blame for Brussels' victory .

  5. There ye go again GV, Scotland IS NOT a region of Englandshire.
    Who are these rabid SNP supporters who hate the English? I'd like to see their addresses please.
    As for membership of the EU, some of the more "rabid" Brit Nats say that an independent Scotland would have to re-apply for membership; I'm not bothered either way, but they tend to forget that Scotland is not seceding from the Union: It's dissolving it.
    Wales and Ireland were conquered, Scotland was not; that means there is not one successor state but two.Either both will have to re-negotiate or none will.

  6. Conan - Scotland (best part of England tm Mr Ishmael) has never been a region of 'England' because 'England' doesn't exist any more and Scotland is a region of Europe. You're delving too far into the past for me when you talk about seceding rather than conquer. Are you saying that 350yrs ago the Scots caved in? We're not debating Culloden or Bannockburn any more - and you know it.

    Scunnert, like it but didn't understand it - behave yourself :)

    Thank you YO for introducing perspective. The lure of the EU is proving too great for the Scots and there are outside influences: money going out, directives flooding in, money coming in. Despite what Salmond says about independence for Scotland to the Scots, if he's in the loop, he's a lying b@st@rd.


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