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Friday, 23 October 2009

State Opening Of Parliament

After coming back from the recess on the 16th October following the longest summer break ever (82days), the formal State Opening of Parliament will be on the 18th November.

Harriet Harman has just announced the earliest Christmas recess ever of three weeks from 16th December to 5th January 2010. At 128 days, the current Parliamentary session is the shortest for 30 years.

And we pay them how much?

Our intrepid reporter managed to smuggle out this photo of Gordon Brown in the kitchen of No.10, busying himself with Christmas preparations:


  1. woman on a raftOctober 23, 2009

    Excellent post.

  2. Thank you WoaR but, admit it, you just like the photo of Gordon :-) It seems ridiculous to me that just 37 days after the official State Opening, they're off on their hols again. I think if you calculate days into pay it's over £1k a day - and for what? Screwing up the country, that's what.

  3. The xmas recess is early - but it also comes back significantly earlier too - the 5th Jan is the earliest for a long time (it's usually about 8th-12th) - Sam Coates has the figures in the Times Red Box

    I'll have a go at them for having an offensively long summer break, with virtually nothing to do and thus absolutely no reason to prolong parliament beyond the conventional four year term, but this early christmas thing is just a political manoeuvre by the tories

  4. It isn't just that it's an early Christmas Tarquin, it's that they came back after the longest summer recess ever only for parliament to be prorogued 2 months later. The LibDems have also said they oppose it. As for the 4-yr term and Brown & Co clinging on, I'd be quite happy to see a law enacted where a govt like this one is unable to pass any legislation.

  5. well indeed - as I said, the summer break was pretty offensive really, but the christmas thing is a non-issue, it's completely usual


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