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Thursday, 29 October 2009

That 'Grovelling' Apology

Thank you very much Mr Speaker.  With permission I would like to make a personal statement.

I should like to thank the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards and the Committee on Standards & Privileges for the Report & Memorandum published this morning.  I should like especially to thank the Commissioner for his diligence and courtesy throughout this investigation.

I am grateful the Commissioner recognises that I was within the rules of this House in establishing a claim in parliamentary allowances for my constituency home.  I welcome his acceptance that my claims were necessarily incurred and that I consistently claimed below the maximum allowed.  I accept fully that I made careless mistakes on both mortgage interest and council tax claims for which I apologise unreservedly to this House but I identified these areas and repaid them in full in April/May 2009.

I further accept the admonition from the Commissioner about the informal nature of my arrangements.  I regret that I did not recognise that more formal arrangements would have been wise and preferable so as to avoid the risk of an appearance of benefit and I apologise for this.

The Commissioner has accepted that my claims had the effect of abating all costs except mortgage interest and council tax and were therefore in line with advice given to me by the Department of Resources and repeated to him as recently as 3 months ago... ...
Final section on video (1:48) here.

Not much grovelling going on there and it certainly wasn't "abject" as reported by The Times.  These apologies are developing a theme - first the self-justification and then the apology for being caught out.  There's probably a diy template whizzing around MPs at the moment which comprises a basic apology structure complete with suggested phrases and a list of appropriate words for MPs to choose from.

Tony McNulty MP, Labour, Harrow East, Maj. 4,740.
The Times.
The BBC.


  1. " time to move on " ? to the Crown Court, for Fraud perhaps.

  2. HMRC are investigating a number of MPs already so perhaps he's one of those - let's hope so. I can't believe Elliot Morley is the only one to be investigated by the police either, so we've probably not heard it all yet. It's not going away any time soon :)

  3. They will not admit wrong-doing - it is up to us to show that what they did is wrong and not vote for them, we need to stop giving them a free ride in safe seats

  4. Agreed Tarquin, every voter should look carefully at their sitting MP and if they've been troughing, turn them out. Full stop. Then they should dig around to find out as much as possible about the other candidates. I'm not sure most voters care very much though. Personally, I'd like to see Cons with a slim majority over UKIP & Labour completely, utterly destroyed - that would make life sweet again.


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