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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Vaclav Klaus Can't Wait

Lisbon Treaty on track
"I cannot and will not wait for British elections, unless they hold them in the next few days or weeks." He will, however, have to wait for the verdict of the Czech Constitutional Court on the treaty's compliance with the Czech constitution, which is expected on 27 October.
The Treaty, which brings in closer EU co-operation and streamlines governance in the 27-nation bloc, must be ratified by all EU members to take effect. Ireland voted to ratify the Treaty earlier this month, despite having said No in a previous referendum.
Mr Cameron has repeatedly said that even if the Treaty is ratified he "won't let matters rest there". But he has so far refused to spell out what this would entail, and whether he would still offer a referendum on Lisbon or stage a different attempt to repatriate powers from Brussels.
I don't suppose anyone is very much surprised at this news.


  1. I'm not sure that I would believe Cameron even if he was more definite about his 'not letting matters rest there'.

  2. Cameron's a punk that wears frilly knickers. He'll do nowt.

  3. He's apparently considering making Heseltine a Minister without Portfolio if they get in - and Heseltine is seriously pro-EU - it was what was behind his flouncing out about Westland. The EU with Cameron as PM doesn't look any more attractive to me than it would with Brown & Co.


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