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Friday, 2 October 2009

The Vatican Urges A 'No' Vote

Cranmer has the full story.  The Vatican is urging the Irish people to vote 'No' in today's referendum.

"But in an astonishing intervention, quite out of character with previous Vatican pronouncements on matters relating to the EU, Bruno Waterfield reports that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, has warned the people of Ireland that the European Union threatens their country's ‘identity, traditions and history’.

"The Church wants to encourage EU states to assert their individual identities?


"This is the first time there has been Vatican affirmation of the historic Protestant Christian identity and tradition of the United Kingdom.

"This intervention is an immense blow to the obsessively-secular EU, which seeks to ‘prescribe laws and customs’ which are antithetical to Christian history and tradition. The disgraceful treatment meted out to Italy’s prospective commissioner Rocco Buttiglione revealed what had hitherto been covert. The imposition of secularism as an assertion of ‘neutrality’ on the part of the state (for the EU is a de facto state, if not increasingly de jure) challenges the distinctive Christian moral vision of the common good..."

Full article at Archbishop Cranmer

This can only be good news; I understand turnout was slow this morning but steadily increased throughout the day with a rush expected this evening so let's hope it's not too late.
UPDATE: Irish Police threaten Referendum monitors with arrest
"...the COIR Campaign asked its activists to get a total of votes cast at each polling station at the end of the day, to see if the final totals checked out with the day's votes. But the Irish government who are responsible for 'storing' the ballot boxes overnight, are threatening anyone who enquires as to the number of votes cast from the presiding officers, with immediate arrest."

Does anyone know if this report is true?


  1. This is an excellent intervention. The Yes camp had power and money on its side. Until the Vatican's intervention, we only had our own voices. Now we have a truckload of power!

    Picture this: A small band of Catholics, hanging their heads in shame, line up at the confessional to say they voted Yes.

  2. It's better now than not at all - I suppose if this had come out a week ago all hell would have been let loose. Now there's still a chance.


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