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Friday, 23 October 2009

Welcome To BNP-Time + Updates

What I was hoping for: the usual Question Time format with questions on the postal strike, economy, education, Europe and so on, with questions being directed at panellists in turn.
What I got: a heavily-edited one-track pony show with Nick Griffin in the stocks.

It was so boring I actually dozed off and missed the last ten minutes but, not to worry, the BBC made sure I'd already seen most of the programme when they broadcast 'highlights' for half an hour between ten and ten-thirty.

What happened to the much-touted 'vetted & balanced' audience? Fhs, on any other week's programme Jack Straw would have been roundly booed for his answers on immigration, not cheered. And where was Dimbleby's impartiality?

One other thing struck me as well: the other panellists had obviously spent weeks trawling for facts and figures to throw around and had copious notes with pre-rehearsed soundbites.

It was hype over substance and proved nothing.  The only potential good to come out of it is that David Cameron must now withdraw his support from the UAF.

UPDATE:  Lammy green-lights 'racist attacks':  Senior Labour politicians predicted black and Asian people would face a violent backlash in the coming days and critics said the corporation had been naive and driven by a desire to boost ratings.  Higher Education Minister David Lammy, one of Britain's first black ministers, said ordinary people from ethnic minority backgrounds would face violence as a result.  "This is a seminal moment for the country. I am very worried about the days that will follow."  Prat.   Loose lips cost lives
UPDATE 2: 30% increase in BNP membership enquiries + £5,300 in donations. BNP: Biggest recruitment night ever


  1. Question Time descended into farce and became a kangaroo court against one man, where-by the BBCs hand picked audience played judge and jury, whilst New Labours own quango members of the U.A.F. bayed for blood outside, like a rabble of demented zombies.
    Perhaps we'll see similar scenes when Anjem Choudary marches through London demanding a call for sharia, on October the 31st.

    Then again.....Islam is a U.A.F. sainted subject....So perhaps not eh...

  2. Yes, QT was an over-hyped let-down D&C. As for the UAF & Anjem Choudary - these authoritarians like to stick together don't they? Next Saturday's march will be interesting from many angles.


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