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Monday, 12 October 2009

What Global Warming?

The government says global warming is a fact but scientists are still arguing about it and its causes.  Temperatures have not increased for the past eleven years despite CO/2 emissions rising and the Pacific Ocean cooling down.  In the seventies we were warned of an approaching 'ice age', next it was 'warming' and now it's just 'change'.   Even Vaclav Klaus has his doubts so those labelled deniers & extremists by vested interests are in good company.


  1. GV all we need to do is look at your posting above to realise that anything spewing from the barph holes that are our politival class is a front for gangsters stealing more of our loot. Now that there are no more real jobs the income tax scam won't work so it's climate change to make sure no one can escape being fleeced!!

  2. There has to be more room for doubt than the govt gives us at the moment Incoming - the report's from the BBC of all people. It don't add up!

  3. The 'trend' is still upward, though. That is the 'justification' for continuing to terrorise the world.

    When something wobbles, you can always find sequences which show the trend is to wobble to the left. You can also always find sequences which show that the trend is to wobble to the right.

    The long-term evidence is just a lot of wobbles with no clear trend towards either hot or cold. The cooling over the last decade is no longer plausibly deniable: that is why it is making it to the MSM. The earliest report I know about is in a Mexican geophysics journal that was reporting on this last November.

  4. Spot on Edgar. I doubt it will stop us from being bludgeoned over the head with green fines & taxes and the promise of new technology with 'green' jobs for the workless though.

  5. What melting too?



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