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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Whoever You Like, As Long As It's A Woman

How David Cameron has the bare-faced cheek to say he wants to restore trust in politics and localise democracy yet in the same breath say the Conservatives will have all-women shortlists is really trying my patience with the Party.

This morning during the Speaker's Conference (which, btw, Brown appears to have bottled in its original format),  he described under-representation of women and ethnic minorities as “a real problem - a real problem for parliament and for my party”.  His answer is for CCHQ to choose 'suitable' candidates to put before voters, possibly in open primaries.  Suddenly, we're back in black, one-legged lesbian territory again.  Cameron can't pay lip service to people power by adopting the Fabians favourite tactic of smiling to your face but then stabbing you in the back.

This is from  ConHome:
This quote is typical from ConHome feedback from Associations involved in using them:
"We have to have the same number of women on the shortlist even if three or four times as many men apply. To be one of the shortlisted men you have to be very special. To be one of the shortlisted women you do not. Every Association suspects that the members of gender-balanced shortlists are not of equal talent."
and this:

It seems to me that Carswell (Open source politics means hands off) and Hannan  (How to make Parliament representative) are rowing upstream.

Also:  Cameron is told  not to abuse powers of patronage and Carswell has tabled an EDM: Parliamentary Elections (Recall & Primaries) Bill which at the moment appears to have only one signature - his own.  He asks that readers of his blog urge their MPs to sign up.

UPDATE:  From Quentin Letts 21.10.09
This conference affair is run under the auspices of the Speaker, currently a white man (not a very good one) called John Bercow. Given the high profile of yesterday's witnesses, Mr Bercow turned up to chair the session himself. He declared that it was 'a very important occasion for the future of the House of Commons'.   As he said this he lifted his coal-scuttle jaw to the wind and darted his eyes side to side.


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