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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Why Isn't This Being Reported?

Why hasn't this story been more widely reported?:  Ex-Para in a coma

He was set upon by five people (3 men, 2 women) who stamped on his head and stubbed cigarettes out on his face ffs.  They've been released on bail but are said to be 'lying low'.  (It did happen in Aldershot after all).

Fortunately, he seemed to have turned the corner when friends visited him yesterday.

Perhaps it's not reported because there's just too much of this sort of crime happening but we have two 24-hr rolling news stations; surely they could have found time.  And why were they released on bail?   I can think of a much better place for them to wait until the court case comes up:


  1. Truly a disgrace, veterans deserve respect, I just hope his mates track the twats down who did this and administer some summary justice before the courts put them away safely.

  2. It being Aldershot I think there might be a fair chance of that QM. Apparently the suspects have gone to ground.

  3. The simple answer is...what makes better headlines?...an ex-para being half battered to death...or Jordan's lover being a cross-dressing freak? Sadly,it's the latter,and exemplifies why this country is so FUCKED

  4. You're probably right SoA, I'd like to say 'who's Jordan?' since she's not someone I'd willingly read about but even I can't help coming across her - she's plastered everywhere (though I'm not sure I've seen her in the Telegraph, yet).


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