"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


... is all this coming out now?  It's somehow all too convenient.  We've had weeks of increasing hysteria following the announcement by the BBC to have Nick Griffin on Question Time; we've had pages of vilification for Griffin & the BNP; we had the 'leak', from one of Blair's former advisers, that immigration was uncontrolled for political reasons; we've had endless speculation about Blair & Miliband playing a role in the EC; the news that an organisation prohibited in more than 20 countries for its extremism is being government-funded over here.

We're being bombarded from all sides and the latest salvo is this on disguising (redacting?) the link between immigration and crime:  B*gger Blair.

And what about Roche urging governments to stockpile tamiflu before a pandemic?  I bet that helped their profits.  And don't forget the forewarned Summer of Rage that the police expected to hit the country; I'm getting the distinct impression that they're disappointed (though they did their best with the G20 and are still practising at Climate Camps).

It's just been too busy with this sort of news lately.  Have I really become so cynical that I see these headlines as a distraction away from something even worse?  What the heck is coming our way that could possibly be worse than what we already have?  Armageddon?  The 4 Horsemen?

All I'm saying is that it just doesn't smell right.  Our MPs have been brought into disrepute; Parliament is in constitutional chaos; crime is rife; the police have been politicised; the economy is double-dipping; England's laws are being overturned in favour of the European system; the Queen seems to be sitting this one out and the EU looms as our saviour.

I suggest we keep the tin foil handy and don't fire until we see the whites of their eyes.

And that won't be until after the Lisbon Treaty is ratified and they feel more secure.  There is no opt-out from the EU save through negotiation and financial penalty (which we don't have to pay - what could they do?).  Once again, b*gger that for a game of soldiers.


  1. I would hazard a guess that the reason Jackboot got her great big knickers in a twist over Damian Green, is that she knew or suspected that he'd gotten his mitts on the immigration/crime report and knew how explosive it would be.

    She had to couch it in terms of 'national security' to ensure that:

    a) his investigations could be curtailed - by the police, if necessary;

    b) should the thing blow up in her fat face, she could accuse the Tories of brewing up race hatred by taking advantage of such a 'sensitive' issue.

    The rest is probably arranged by the UN, EU, US and China in order to bring in that global totatalitarian government all those commies are so fond of.

    It would be funded by:

    i) redistribution of wealth brought about by the 'credit crunch' and subsequent bailouts, which enabled the globalists to purchase prime property, stock and businesses for peanuts;

    ii) climate scam taxes.

    The plebs would be controlled by an ever-intrusive set of laws and restrictions on their liberties and ever more draconian punishments for transgressors or "deniers" of the crap they spout.

  2. You do have to wonder why it is, that all of these revelations about New Labours immigration policies (or lack of them) are coming out now and from their own side, so close to a general election in all.
    We've all realised what they've been doing for Years, yet have always been shouted down by Socialist cries of "Racist", but now when they're in a hole, everythings being leaked to the press at the most inopportune time?

    So how about Common Purpose, Is that gonna be "Outed"? It intrigues me because of all the hysteria surrounding it's genesis as a publicly funded "Charity" created at the heart of central government. So surely if all of the conspiracy theories were lies, then Julia Middleton would have had a field day by now, in suing her many accusers in a court of law.

    That's what people such as Middleton do, it's part and parcel of their psychological make-up, to silence any critics.

  3. I'd say wheels are falling off - Labour will be gone in six months, a lot of people will lose jobs, we have a 'leader' even they hate and the media need more and more non-stories in a world where newspapers are going bankrupt

  4. I'm looking fwd to QT this Thursday and I hope Jacqui Smith gets the grilling she deserves.


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