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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Many A Slip 'Tween Cup & Lip

Is the msm coming clean with the public at last?  See EU's diplomatic corps takes shape and  ACPO & the EU.

The Daily Telegraph today has a story about the EU's plans to be a 'global power'.
"Confidential negotiations on how to implement the Lisbon Treaty have produced proposals to allow the EU to negotiate treaties and even open embassies across the world.

A letter conferring a full "legal personality" for the Union has been drafted in order for a new European diplomatic service to be recognised as fully fledged negotiators by international bodies and all non-EU countries."
I suppose this is one of the small, tedious details that the leaders don't like to bother us with but now the Lisbon Treaty is on course again they're rushing things through and being slapdash.  More documents also seem to be being leaked these days showing that there's no longer the watertight security they once had.  There's another old saying they'd do well to remember:  More haste, less speed.


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