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Saturday, 21 November 2009

And The Beat Goes On

The dust wasn't even allowed to settle after President Klaus of the Czech Republic put his signature to the Lisbon Treaty before the final round of horse-trading began to elect a President of the European Union and a High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security. If it's all seemed to happen rather quickly it's only because the groundwork and wheeler-dealing had already been done; in fact they've been working on it since the final version of the Lisbon Treaty was put before national parliaments for approval. Eight years.

The problem is that in that time Blair blotted his copybook and there was trouble in Great Britain which meant Mandelson had to be parachuted back into the Lords in order to prop up Brown and the government. Didn't he do well? No wonder he apparently turned down the offer of the High Rep's job in favour of staying in Britain - he probably sees the job of Great Panjandrum* within his grasp at last. His birthright, his destiny.

Westminster Hall was in a tizz yesterday; there was a short debate on financial services and the effect EU directives will have on the city was debated. Heathcoat-Amory was there and, as usual, spoke very well and logically - he's no hot-headed eurosceptic. We've come a long way since Hague said we had 'days to save the pound': yesterday's cry was 'weeks to save the City'.

The Times has some of the details on the dealing that went on before Ashton and van Rompuy were selected. Or, as Brown, likes to call her 'Baroness Ashdown'.

Since he was coronated in 2007 Gordon Brown has been hapless &  malevolent.
"On Friday, French diplomats suggested Mr Brown had agreed to back Michel Barnier for the job in a “quid pro quo” deal for Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, accepting Lady Ashton."
Jaana Pohjanmaki of the European Council from Finland said: “We have waited so long for this; it really is a very big night for Europe. It will mean coherence, progress and a great change; the Civil Servants of Europe have been waiting a long time for this and will be very happy!”

There's one over-riding factor in these two appointments and in those yet to be announced: one provision of taking the job is to swear an oath to the European Union, forswearing any national allegiance.  In return they receive a handsome salary and perks, generous pension provisions (providing they don't speak against the EU) and immunity from prosecution for any acts committed whilst 'employed' by the EU.  All the cr@p spouted by Brown about Ashton or any other Brit being in a position of importance in the EU & therefore looking after British national interests is just so much moonshine - and he knows it.

UPDATE: The Great Panjandrum wants to be Minister of State for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office - well, who wouldn't? Baroness Ashdown  Ashton will be a pushover.


  1. Seems Lady Leatherneck was merely the 4th British choice for the job, no-one else wanted it once they realised it carried no weight.

  2. I don't know about it carrying no weight - she'll be responsible for co-ordinating all the EU embassies (about 120 of them) and all the staff (7,000). The FCO is full of rabid europhiles so Mandelson would feel at home there. Why he would want the job for only 6 months though is beyond me - there must be an ulterior motive that I can't see at the moment.


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