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Monday, 2 November 2009

Climate Change The Chinese Way

China shot up too many chemicals in their latest cloud seeding attempt.

Has anyone bothered to evaluate how man-made endeavour to change his environment might affect the AWG theory?  The planet can't be controlled no matter how strenuously man tries to manipulate nature to his needs.  Any effect can, at best, only be temporary until the backlash comes.

A great, related post from BOM on the cost of the GW industry and one from EU Referendum on how politicians have got their priorities wrong on climate change and the EU.


  1. People and tax to re-fill the squandered vaults of The Bilderbergers. Simples.

  2. GV,

    Just proves that its snow good trying to cloud the issue and rain on everyone's parade..........

  3. Very good :) and how about 'there snow representation on rain precipitation' - no, not so good, but I tried. All this technology is fantastic but only if it's used properly.


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