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Friday, 27 November 2009

Gilligan Spells It Out

In today's Telegraph Andrew Gilligan continues to take Ed Balls to task over his puffed-up smears about Cameron's poorly-phrased PMQ about public funding for schools with links to Hizb'ut Tahrir.
It turns out that the schools' chief Hizb ut Tahrir trustee, Yusra Hamilton, only resigned last month, in response to my story, long after the Government grant came in.
The headteacher of one of the schools, Farah Ahmed, who remains a trustee to this day, refuses to deny that she was a Hizb member and has written in a Hizb journal condemning the "corrupt western concepts of materialism and freedom."
And Ofsted – far from "satisfying themselves that there were no problems" – actually condemned one of the two schools as "inadequate," questioned the suitability of the staff, and said that it could do more "to promote cultural tolerance and harmony." That was in November 2007.

I hope Gilligan keeps pushing this.  Labour Ministers have the unfortunate habit of ignoring central, valid issues while pouncing on schoolboy errors by way of distraction until a matter is either forgotten or swept under the carpet.  We've all seen it first-hand over the past twelve years.

Full article here

This is a clip from Brown's first PMQs in 2007 at which Cameron asked for progress on banning Hizb'ut Tahrir (first demanded in 2005) and Brown pleaded that he'd only been in office for 'five days':

Here's the Hizb'ut Tahrir Conference trailer which gives an insight into their thinking:

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