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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hannan & Farage: The Politics Show Video

H/t: Hookie at The Final Redoubt
UPDATE:   Tories to seek 'manifesto mandate'


  1. Hannan is in a very uncomfortable position and should really disassociate himself from the Conservative party. At least that would be the honourable thing to do given the gulf opening up between his and Cameron's views on the EU.

  2. Yes, Scunnert, that's what I was thinking too as I watched the video - I don't know what he's doing with the Conservatives any more. Cameron now says he'll 'seek a manifesto mandate' to renegotiate with the EU so definitely no referendum and we're no wiser about what he wants to renegotiate - madness. He could lose votes hand over fist because of this unless he catches up.

  3. GV,

    Watched this on iplayer, on my return home. Yes, Hannan was clearly 'uncomfortable' and like you I do wonder how his principles allow him to remain a member of the Conservative Party.

    On second thoughts, perhaps those principles are the same as those of Hague and Fox - both Eurosceptics - who have 'moulded' their principles in return for the promise of Ministerial positions in a Cameron government.

    As I have posted, three times Cameron has been challenged to a public debate in his own constituency and three times he has refused. One has to ask: Is David Cameron so unsure of his policy he feels unable to justify it in public debate - something, surely, his constituents - let alone the country - deserve?

  4. Hi WFW, occasionally I feel sorry for Cameron re the EU question. Anything he says at all will be pounced on by Labour and twisted beyond recognition and the runup to a GE would then be dominated by Labour spin and smear. Otoh, he owes a duty to the country to come clean before then; I suppose it's a pragmatic question of timing. I don't know the details of the public debate you mention but I'd have thought Witney would be an ideal place to debate. The nation's media would leap on it of course. Devil/deep blue sea.

  5. Why on earth is Dave worried about what Labour might say; they are so deeply in the gutter that such spin could only backfire.
    Having said that Dave has lost my vote because a mandate to ask the EUs permission to talk about tinkering with Britains position is just rubbish.

    By instituting the Lisbon Constitution Britain will not become " a province " of Europe, it will be Balkanised into 9 ( or is it 10 ? ) Euro Regions with Europe pulling the purse strings and each Region busily lobbying against each other in Brussels. Dave promised to close down the Regional Offices but he can't, they are the conerstones of future EU rule.

  6. Yes, balkanised is the right word Banned. I sympathise with Cameron's position that you don't tell the enemy your plans before the battle but he has to balance that against telling the British electorate what he intends to do. It wouldn't be enough just to say "we will renegotiate" - he'll have to specify which areas.


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