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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hobbins Resigns

Peter Hobbins, former Conservative parliamentary candidate has resigned.

I don't know what prompted him to ask his rhetorical question but it's a fact that there aren't many Wheelwrights or de Courcy-Irelands, no de Vere Travers or Shuttleworths in Parliament.

From this site I've learned that my surname derives from:

1) An occupational name for a guard or watchman, from the Old English weard, meaning "guard."
2) A geographical name for a person who lived near a guardhouse or fortress.

How many years ago did Christian name become 'first name' and Surname become 'family name'?

According to the list of the most common English surnames on the site, at No. 24 is Patel, 64 is Khan, 70 is Singh,  Begum is at 71, Ali is at 80 and  Hussein is at 82.  Mind you, I think it's suspect that there are so many Welsh and Scottish surnames in there as well.

On a more serious note, I don't think Hobbins should have been picked up on this. Where have all the old English names gone?  For a few years now I've marvelled at the international accents on the radio as people in positions of authority (ie quangos and corporate lobbyists) are invited to air their views on everything from banning smoking to abortion.  Our global village has been many years in the making.

This is quite a nice site about English surnames: Origins of English surnames.


  1. The ethnic breakdown of the UK population, derived from the 2001 census - still the latest figures

    Total population - 58,789,194

    White 54,153,898 (92.1 per cent)

    So, representation by "English" people should be around 92%.

    Not they're not English names, they're Asian names!

  2. No wonder our governments are sucking up to China and India then ;-)
    Thanks for the census figures, Sue. It was supposed to be a humorous post with serious undertones and I'm glad you picked up on it. This really can't go on - there are too many 'lone voices crying in the wilderness'. It won't last.

  3. "Orpington Conservative Association chairman John Esler, one of the recipients, said: ‘Councillor Hobbins shouldn’t have sent these emails. They were entirely inappropriate. "

    Conservatives corrupted by the "inappropriatte" Police, that'll cost them a few more votes.
    Po faced twats.

  4. As my old dad used to say...

    "I call a spade, a spade" (pun intended)

  5. de Courcy and de Vere are English names ?

    Then again , Scotland's most famous king was surnamed de Brus .


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