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Saturday, 7 November 2009

I'm Sick Of This Sort of Sh!t

Worshippers at one of Britain’s biggest mosques [East London] reacted to the Fort Hood shooting yesterday by saying Muslims who serve in the Armed Forces are complicit in killing their “brothers and sisters” in Afghanistan.

Mustapha, 26, from South London, said that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were wars against Muslims and he would not consider joining the Army nor encourage fellow Muslims to. “I would not fight against my friends and brothers,” the house-builder said. “The Koran says even if you make allies with non-Muslims and join them to kill Muslims, then you die as a non-believer.”

Asked his views on the killings at Fort Hood, he said: “Killing military members is all right. If you are killing people who are fighting against Muslims then that’s okay.”

Abdul-Hakim, 17, who was born in Britain but spent his formative years in Tanzania, said it was a bigger crime to kill Muslims than non-Muslims such as the soldiers at Fort Hood: “For you to go and kill your own brother, that’s more of a crime than killing them.”
I wonder what the headline to this article in the Times is?  Hmmm... 'Islam does not justify this act of terrorism', which was picked out from a statement from a former Muslim member of the Armed Forces whose brother died in the conflict.

What can our politicians do to 'win the hearts & minds of British Muslims'?  How about throwing buckets full of taxpayers' cash at them?  The problem is that's exactly what the muppets have been doing and it hasn't worked, but they'll keep on doing it just the same.  Our country has been betrayed and turned into a cess-pit; people like the ones quoted above should be stripped of British passports, if they have them, and sent to a country more in tune with their ideology - Somalia or the Yemen perhaps.


  1. GV,

    Therein lies the mistake the socialist, equality loving bastards make.

    We do not even try to win the hearts and minds of others. The wish to live here, fine then they accept our views, customs, practices and ideology. If they don't like it - p**s off!

    Now that is a policy! Simples!

  2. just a thought.November 07, 2009

    I see the BBC are still searching for a motive to the killings. Possibly he was traumatised by listening to the stories of his patients who had just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. A sort of 'passive post traumatic stress syndrome' ?
    Maybe the clue is in the fact that he shouted "Allah Akbhar" before opening fire. That he was wearing a dishdash and skull cap on the day of the attack( unusual for him said a friend). Or maybe the fact that he was writing in his blog about oppressed muslims etc. Or that he gave away all his belongings the day before the shooting. And was handing out korans on the morning of the shooting. Was being investigated by the FBI. Was cautioned about his conduct in Washington where his lectures were on how bad the West was raher than psychiatry. That he didn't want to go to Afghanistan or Iraq and was trying to get out of it. That he was born in the US but listed his nationality as Palestinian.
    Just a thought.

  3. WfW - tptb are throwing money hand over fist to minority groups in this country. I agree - we need a better, easier policy than giving money to agencies like the MCB.

    JaT -I've also heard that he was bullied by colleagues for being Muslim. There are so many 'acceptable' reasons for this man to do what he did. None of them stack up. The fact is that people who think it was good in the name of religion shouldn't be in our country.

  4. GV,
    A ps: I would like to see just one Important Speech by Cameron.

    But then pigs might fly - damn, just remembered they do - overseas fact finding trips!

  5. Whatever happened to one law for all, bobbies on the beat and enforcing existing laws?

    We have always had the power to deal with this kind of crap, but Labour hasn't wanted to.



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