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Thursday, 12 November 2009

PMQs: For The Record

I've just caught up with yesterday's PMQs (yes, I did record it ... sad) and it was an angry, rowdy affair - mostly from the Labour backbenchers who, in Bercow's words, were 'excitable' and there was some barracking of the PM when he reeled off youth unemployment figures.  Usually the heckling is fairly polite with MPs of all sides opting for a collective intake of breath or cries of 'Shame, Shame' but this was something quite different.

It happened at about six minutes in when Brown said, in response to Cameron's question, "I have to say about the figures that he quotes on youth employment as well that 250,000 of the number he quotes are full-time students looking for part-time work and they are not fully unemployed [interruption]... "

Brown's Honourable Mention: "I've spoken to President Obama and I expect him to announce in a few days what his numbers for Afghanistan will be." Didn't the White House come out almost immediately and say there'd be no definite announcement for, 'possibly weeks'? No corroborating back-up there from Obama.

Brown's Dishonourable Mention, about 15mins in: In response to a question from Shona McIsaac(Lab, Cleethorpes): "... an outstanding tribute of the British people to their - er, our - Armed Forces."

Not earth-shattering but I just wanted to record that last 'mis-speak' - I can't find a video - because I think it shows where Brown's head & heart are - and they're not with our Armed Forces.


  1. Love how Brown tried to bat away the figures - Cameron brings em up, Brown says 'you're lying, I'm great, la-la-la' - they're ONS figures, higher than even France - and if you take out things like students then you have to take them out of everyone else's figures, Gordon

    But don't worry, we're better off than Ireland..

  2. Yes T, he did exactly the same with Clegg's question this week as well - virtually accused him of lying abt the figures until Clegg said they were the govt's own. No matter how many time Brown appears on tv saying "I am listening; I get it" the fact is that he isn't and he doesn't.


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