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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Post Of The Week

EU Referendum has reaction from other EU countries to Cameron's proposals to repatriate powers to Britain - and it's not good.

"...not any of them – then or now – have been prepared to tells us how they would bring the "colleagues" to the negotiating table, and what they would do if they said "no". That is what makes Cameron's policy more of the same – empty and completely devoid of substance. He has no fall-back to deal with a blank refusal to negotiate. And, not days after the Boy's speech, the "colleagues" are ganging up to say "no".

That leaves us in an interesting position. On the one hand, we can accept that the Tories did not expect such a reaction – which can hardly be likely, since they've been told time and time again that this would happen. On the other, we can conclude that the Tories are not serious. That they have no real intention of pursuing renegotiations.

In fact, that is the inescapable conclusion, from which stems the further conclusion. Cameron's policy is no more than a cynical exercise in deception – a rag-bag of empty promises dressed up to make it look plausible to a gullible media and some of the electorate. It is calculated to be sufficient to take the edge of a "eurosceptic rebellion" and get him past the hurdle of the next election without losing too many votes.

Quote of the Day/Week/Year/Month:
From der Spiegel: Lisbon was just an interim victory for the EU project -- nothing more.


  1. I wonder if we interfered with their politics as much as they are interfering with ours!

    PS: Your "interim victory" link is busted, GV.

  2. Thanks Fausty - now fixed. Yes, most of them seem to have something to say about it. I thought North's analysis was a good one - well-reasoned.


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