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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Post Of The Week

Really, it should be blog of the month because we have two for the price of one this week, both courtesy of Ian Parker-Joseph.

The first is about Cameron's attitude to a referendum on the EU.  Cameron seems to be saying he doesn't want a referendum because the result would be an 'Out' vote.  Where's Democratic Dave gone?  What happened to the much-vaunted localism and returning power to the people?  There are valid questions to answer here.

No referendum - no vote

The second is an excellent article that echoes my own misgivings about Conservative plans to devolve power to the regions and the localism referred to above.  While it sounds fine in theoretical soundbites: power to the people; referenda for all, elected Police Chiefs etc, it's always slotted in too easily with the EU's own jigsaw.

Hannan & Carswell as stalking horses?

For me, anyone wanting to get my vote at the next GE will have to be unequivocally clear on policy and, so far, Cameron doesn't cut it. I'll be damned if I'm willing to go through more years of lies and deceit.  I will not be manipulated by schemers & subversives, people who claim to represent me but in fact represent no-one but themselves, corporate bodies and a global elite.   Btw, telling me that a vote for anyone except the LibLabCon is wasted won't cut it any more either.


  1. I fear that you may be right, Camerons 'localism' is just a cloak for European Regionalism ( ie Balkanisation ) of England.
    One of many examples of how the public administration is being revamped along EU.Region lines

    For instance ( map )
    Balkanised Fire & Rescue Service
    ( project under construction ).

    See also Police Services.
    NHS Trusts, espec. Ambulance and NHS Direct.
    Sport England
    Natural England
    National Lottery
    All Government Departments, the list really is endless.

  2. I've seen it Banned. I'm truly in despair.

    You're right. The thing is that we're talking to ourselves. I've been banging on about this since March, in fact it was what prompted me to start blogging. Localism can mean balkanization in the wrong hands and people should pay more attention to this and not be taken in by RDAs and ersatz promises of more power in the form of local democracy.

    We're just being lulled into accepting another piece of the jigsaw.

  3. "Btw, telling me that a vote for anyone except the LibLabCon is wasted won't cut it any more either."
    Amen to that!

    "Localism can mean balkanization in the wrong hands" - and that's a problem, as well as an opportunity, isn't it? We'd have to campaign to put the power in the right hands.

    But there's the HR side of it.
    Say the Tories made the county- and better yet the borough councils more powerful; supposedly at the expense of HMG [though I can't imagine the State giving up it centralised power to local administration - more likely it'll just add powers to the boroughs and rural districts].
    If local administration became the place to remake life in Britain and we Righties got involved as local party hacks and campaigners and councillors, would some of them ever raise their heads from the plough and notice the international corporatism going on in Westminster and Strasbourg?
    To make sure they do, we're going to have to get all American on their asses and make them think nationally while acting locally. What a task that will be- I'm thinking here of the spontaneous tea party movement going national to Washington.

    I don't even need to imagine how eager-beaver localists in city parties behave - they're often very insular and indeed blind to national and international events. I remember canvassing for a local Tory ward candidate in the 1980s who sported a CND badge.

    And, of course, that's where the party system came from - frequent interchange of ideas and personnel between Westminster and 'the country' as it was once called, generating nationwide networks of service and representation. But the Labour Party brought partisan politics into local administration nationwide and so we got 'local government' instead, and look how that worked out.
    Change is always fraught with danger and, frankly, I wouldn't trust Cameron with changing a single county council's logo: let alone freeing the localities.
    But we'll see.

  4. Excellent NNW, thanks for pointing out the upside. We do need to become more involved and politicised and be careful that locally-devolved powers don't become just another tangle of bureaucracy with rules handed down from on high. Cameron's been a big disappointment to me - as a small indicator, just take a look at their original Christmas card design - rendered so as not to give offence to anyone it ended up meaning absolutely nothing at all.


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