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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Slipshod Cameron

Following on from PMQs & Cameron's questions yesterday about public funding for three schools with links to Islamic extremism it seems his researchers have been less than thorough.  Apparently they were mistaken about four peripheral points relating to the schools and so the questions were framed wrongly.  This slipshod approach has allowed Brown, Balls & Co to divert attention to the errors (eg not Pathfinder) and avoid answering the valid question of why the schools were given taxpayers' cash; to say it was to provide 'free nursery places' is no answer at all.

5-page report on Hizb'ut Tahrir from SocialCohesion.co.uk
Info on Hizb'ut Tahrir from GlobalSecurity.org
Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation
The story originally broken by Andrew Gilligan
Brown's letter to Cameron
UPDATE: A better explanation is offered here

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