"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 16 November 2009

TPA Cinema Advert

Extracts from Lee Rotherham's book, 'Britain without the European Union', here.
Here's Dan Hannan talking to the TPA:

 Now that the Lisbon Treaty will take legal effect on 1st December the comrades see no need for subterfuge; here's more 'unity in diversity' bollox from front-runner for EC President, Belgian PM Van Rompuy:
The Daily Telegraph can disclose that the Flemish Christian Democrat was an architect of his party’s federalist manifesto which calls for a massive extension of the presence of the EU in town halls, schools and sporting events.
The manifesto says: “Apart from the euro, also other national symbols need to be replaced by European symbols (licence plates, identity cards, presence of more EU flags, one time EU sports events, …).”
O/T: Some of you might want to join in with this: #SaySorryBrown, from Tim Montgomerie at Con Home.  Here are some of the tweets so far:
#saysorrybrown for surrendering the common law and signing away the Queen's sovereignty without an electoral mandate of any kind
#saysorrybrown for your shameful treatment of the Gurkhas
#saysorrybrown for the highest rate of youth unemployment
#saysorryBrown for failing to equip our soldiers properly
#saysorrybrown for 111 tax rises when your party promised us none!
#saysorrybrown for presiding over declining social mobility, worsening poverty and widening inequality
#saysorryBrown for claiming Britain was 'best placed' to deal with the recession
#saysorrybrown for more climbdowns than Sir Edmund Hilary
#saysorryBrown For wrecking my pension plans & deterring millions of others from saving
#saysorrybrown For not asking the British people for permission to ratify the Lisbon Treaty
#saysorrybrown For creating a climate of smears and innuendo at 10 Downing Street
#saysorryBrown Killing off the RAF
#saysorryBrown For squandering a strong economy and reducing our country to a basket case


  1. #SaySorryBrown for being the worst Prime Minister in living memory.

    #SaySorryBrown for not allowing us the opportunity to vore you in, or vote you out.

    #SaySorryBrown for resurrecting the vile Mandelson.

    etc. etc.

  2. Hi Edgar, apparently there are 'thousands' of tweets - it's endless, also rumours of Prescott trying to scupper it. Happy days!

  3. I like the advert

    even the BBC seem to be becoming anti-Lisbon:

    "You can't swim for ever against the current of public opinion", argues Daniel Hannan.

    Britain leaving the EU would be an unpredictable process.

    But the idea that all this is simply inconceivable and irrelevant is no longer credible.

    [Analysis: Divorcing Europe will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4]

  4. Hannan is spot on - good arguments for leaving the EU and for Scottish independence.

  5. I'm worried about the BBC suddenly becoming more open on the EU Tarquin. They have loans and grants from the EU and so are in its pockets - hardly impartial.

    Scunnert, are you not only for Scottish independence from the UK but Scottish independence from the EU? Are you envisaging a Swiss or Norwegian model for Scotland? It's never made sense to me that Scotland wants to withdraw from the Union but jump into bed with the EU so your position, if I've got it right, would be logical.

  6. GV you're there, but gone all logical on us. Is it you or Mrs Spock??

    Seriously though, caught some of DH on the radio last night. Fine chap.

    The question is really what level of organisational maturity has the human race acheived. That level where the body count is no more than background level and the hope for the future is optimised. Right now we seem to be dipping back towards smaller organisations and away from monstrous hierarchies because of rampant global criminality. Any large structure will be hijacked by the global criminal networks no questions asked so even though it may pain me to do so and run counter to my instincts for humanity in the stars lets keep as much local and under our close eye as possible.

  7. I used to think that my opinions re EU were just plain common sense; then I thought that it was just me. Now I hear Dan Hannan reflecting my own thoughts on every level.

  8. The press and radio are much more open about it now that Lisbon's through - just wait until 1st December. I heard Peter Luff, who is pro-EU, this morning saying how the aim had always been for political union (which we know) and blaming successive governments for not telling the public (which we also know). There'll be more proper debate once it filters through to public consciousness - I hope.


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