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Monday, 30 November 2009

Warsi With Eggs

Conservative peer Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury, named Britain's most powerful Muslim woman, has been pelted with eggs during a visit to Luton. The male protesters accused her of not being a proper Muslim and supporting the death of Muslims in Afghanistan.
"They just weren't prepared to listen. They shouted. I said if you want to have this debate, listen." She continued her walkabout with a police escort.
Apparently, Baroness Warsi isn't welcome in Luton. So, if 'moderate' Muslims in government aren't welcome in Luton, what hope is there for anyone else? Notice the chap who asks where she stands on Shari'a law. Notice that it's only 'male protesters' so perhaps their wives were at home giving birth?.  Who says there are no no-go areas? I hope the Baroness was shocked and horrified at being hit by "at least one egg" but I have the sinking feeling that her answer will be more 'outreach' and more funding.

Link to BBC report & video
PS: John Denham, "Government has neglected white working class". It really is too late.


  1. Surely these hot heads aren't representative of moderate Islam? As a leading Muslim politician recently said: "There is no extreme Islam, there is no moderate Islam, there is only Islam".

  2. To think we are meant to embrace this imported rubbish. I will say it until I'm blue in the face, we are more endangered on our own streets than by any terrorist cell in Afghanistan. We shall soon need our troops here.

  3. Not many people have the time to give attention to political shenanigans as we are Scunnert. I suppose that's Shahid Malik or Lord Ahmed you're talking about? No matter - it's a view taken by more followers of the RoP than any British govt will ever acknowledge and that's why there's trouble ahead. God, I'd hate to be living in Luton. How the UK got to be in such a mess would be inexplicable except I've read about Frankfurt subversion and Marxism and the rest. We're so far along the road. It may not be me manning the barricades, but I worry that it will be my sons. Every day seems to bring a new Fabian twist and yet people are quiet. I don't understand it.

  4. Yes OR - if I lived in Luton I'm not sure I'd feel safer on the streets just because the govt has sent more troops to Afghanistan.

  5. She likened those 'other' Muslims to the BNP. Both, she said, were bringing their religions into disrepute.

    I'm pretty sure that BNP members are not representative of Christians: I'm less sure that Islamists aren't representative of Muslims.

    Fair play to her, though, she stood up to them, and showed a lot of courage.

  6. Edgar - Warsi is floundering - the BNP and Muslim extremists are nothing like each other - not politically and not ideologically. Islam is political and cultural but Christianity is just cultural.

    Warsi did stand up to them, true enough, but she needed a police guard to do it.

    Scunnert gave a quote from an 'Islamist' about the essence of Islam: "There is no extreme Islam, there is no moderate Islam, there is only Islam".

  7. John Denham is the minister who accused the EDL of causing all the problems in Harrow, turned out they weren't there and all the problems were caused by the UAF and Islamists. Frankly Labour must be getting desperate if Denham's being wheeled out to support the English working class as the man despises them.

  8. QM - I agree completely but many people only hear BBC/Sky/ITV news and don't have the time to join up the dots. The EU, for all it has divisions called Centre Left and Centre Right, are mainly communists and Marxists. In the EU there is no such thing as 'Centre Right' because everything has shifted to the left. Much of it is down to claiming a language and re-defining it to suit.

    All the people arrested in the EDL marches were so-called anti-fascists - ie the UAF, which, so far as I know, David Cameron still supports. I don't think the msm will be reporting on the outcome of those arrests.

    Sorry to go on so long but the blatant lies while they look us in the eye just drives me nuts sometimes.

  9. I think people need to remember Christianity was just as bad not that long ago - it wasn't always just cultural, GV

  10. Edgar

    When running for parliament 2005 she went into Muslim areas and canvassed against homosexuality being taught in primary schools (which is exactly what she slated Nick Griffin for on Question Time), what a hypocrite. Then went into white areas and canvassed against mass immigration. She was supported by Lord Ahmed. She lost by 5000 votes. She was never elected and was put in place by windbag Cameron to gain Muslim votes, only to find she pleases no one. Stonewall were disgusted by her stance on homosexuality, as it states on their website. She is typical of MPs today, and deserves what she gets.

  11. The thing is Tarquin that the excesses of Christianity in this country are a thing of the past - long past whereas fundamental Islam is here and now.

    Thanks for that Moriarty - sounds like she's just another fair-weather appeasement monkey.


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