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Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday Post

Another article from Euro-Med: UN world government which details a speech by Pascal Lamy, 'the Beast of Berlaymont' and Director-General of the WTO.  "He was seen as ruling Delor's office with a "rod of iron", with no-one able to bypass or manipulate him and those who tried being "banished to one of the less pleasant European postings".

First, some video background to Lamy/WTO and an interview which includes the gem, "Liberalisation is a very ambiguous English word":

"Summary: This is a remarkably detailed speech about the New World Order´s World Government structure - by multiple Bilderberger, Pascal Lamy, and with the approval in principle from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Lamy believes that the reason for the problems he and his elitist colleagues are creating for the world are due to the fact that at the end of the cold war no efficient world government was established.   For global problems require global solutions! As a horror example he produces the climate lie with islands supposedly dissapearing into the sea (where?). The EU is the only example of supranational governance and a model for world government. This must be sustainable (ie communist). He defines global governance as "the system "we" (the elite) created to help human societies achieve their common purpose" - also England´s communist EU organisation. Our laws, social norms, values and practices must be standardized (by the elite). National state coherence must be transformed into a global one. The EU is under construction, was the effect of a common political will, a common project and common institutions. Thus the world state, too, will come into being. But as the peoples of the EU increasingly turn their backs on the European project it is lacking legitimacy (legality) - world government consequently, too. Fortunately Europeans are said to require more and better European foreign policy!?? Global governance is to be provided by:
1) The rule of law (elite law) with feasible commitments on the basis of consent.
2) Subsidiarity, ie. problem solving in the communities - as desired by the very globalist pope. Naturally, with a supranational authority, namely a triangle: The G20 is to set policies and to report to the UN World Parliamentary Assembly.
3) Also un-elected global institutions. The UN must act as one in the UN family. International issues should dominate the domestic debate to allow world government "legitimacy." He mentions world governance or an equivlent 15 times, so he really does have this at heart.

The following may be boring, but it is nothing less than the structure of the New World Order´s global government - presented by multiple Bilderberger and WTO boss, Pascal Lamy - as detailed as probably not seen before... "

"[The] building of Europe ... is not complete in any of its dimensions. Not in that of geography. Not in its depth, that is, in the powers conferred by its member states to the European Union." Lamy
"The European construction is the most ambitious experiment to date in supranational governance." Lamy
"Community law takes precedence over national law. The creation of a supranational body such as the European Commission that has been given the monopoly of initiating legislation. A European Court of Justice whose decisions are binding on national judges. A Parliament composed of a senate of member states (European Council) and a house of representatives elected by the European “demos” and which has gained in competences over the years. These are just a few of the things that, taken together, make the European Union a radically new economic and political entity on the scene of international governance." Lamy

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What's with the hand?


  1. UN programmes are propagated via the guidance "think globally, act locally". They work to get communities involved in their projects so that they are driven forwards by the grassroots.

    ICLEI is an organisation in the US which is driving global government and land confiscation via environmental projects seeded in grassroots initiatives. It's an insidious, hideous organisation, spawned by the UN. We probably have such organisations here, but I've yet to discover what they're called. Possibly regional development bodies.

    Dr Stan Monteith frequently discusses ICLEI on RadioLiberty. Monteith's Brotherhood of Darkness is illuminating.

  2. That's a great video link Fausty, thank you.


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