"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday Post

Friday Post comes from 13th Spitfire and it concerns new figures which show that 70% of our population takes more from 'the state', ie the taxpayer purse, than it contributes. No wonder we're sinking fast. As 13th says, it's not really a bloody surprise, is it?

With Gordon Brown's convoluted system of Tax Credits and Global Wealth Distribution who the hell knows who's paying what? I still think we should be aiming for no tax credits whatsoever with no tax paid below £12-15k to encourage a work ethic. This government has been a f*cking disaster for our country, economically and socially. Someone has to grasp this tiger's tail.

UPDATE: Just for SNP commenters:


  1. Maybe a third bar chart showing the number of people in each group, tied to their contribution would really open out the shit?

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  3. This government has been a f*cking disaster for our country, economically and socially.

    What? Not for themselves. Peerages, weekends at Rothchilds' Manor. Blair and Brown's families rich beyond measure, as are many others who have suckled the tax tit for 12 years. Nah, wonderful success for Socailism. Bankrupt everybody but the arse licking Politburo

  4. Welcome Mrs DP - what niggles me is that the info is there for those who understand economics. I don't have that sort of mind - I just know that the s has hit the f economically speaking. Government lies are usually felt in the pockets of the electorate and the full impact won't be felt until next year.

    OR - yes, they've done v well for themselves but they've been an unremitting disaster for our country. Problem is that in 13yrs they've done so much damage. So many laws, so much encouragement of Common Purpose/EU ideals and Cameron's Conservatives show little aptitude for rectification.

    I'll shake hands with you at the barricade.

  5. By the way all, I am posting on Subrosa's blog from Kobnhavn on the Global Central Heating Conference right now.

    Come along, you will not be disappointed.

    Ask Subrosa if you don't believe me!


  6. I am just watching French Television, as you do in between bottles of red, and they are pumping Gordon Brown at every possible opportunity.

    Sarkozy controls the French tele so, what is he up to with Gordon?


  7. The msm is thrusting GB down our throats Faux Cu - he's a 'world leader' and that's why the UK is in such dire straits. That's why he ignores problems at home - he'll have a seat on the Board.

    The BBC is not much removed from French tv. It's all spats to make us think an argument is truly going on. It isn't. Everything is consensual between world leaders - except we haven't voted for it. We know it but the media isn't reporting it and that's the problem really.

    Thanks for coming back after my outburst about Salmond being involved in any debate abt the next PM in the GE.

  8. I didn't know I had left.

    Maybe I hadn't?

    Cue scary music!

  9. You really should go to Subrosa's blog as, I think, Dansk Pastry's (Mrs) articles might make you laugh and I know you need a laugh just now.

    She also has a talking Panda called Bugger who was christened by Gordon Brown's father at the same time as Gordon!

  10. SubRosa is a contributor to this blog so enjoy, FC & Mrs DP, - Lib/Lab/Con/SNP/Plaid Cymru await you as their equivalents did in England. We need a new Nationalist Party - not Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish but British - to stand against the EU and to stand against the hegemony of the past 50 yrs. Don't we?

  11. GV

    I think it is all too late for a United Front against them.

    That boat has sailed and our best bet is for Scotland to beak the Union.

    With that the United Kingdom will cease to exist and thus the rump of the UK and Scotland would need to rejoin the EU or not?

    That would be your opportunity and we would still be friends, wouldn't we?

  12. I understand why you want independence FC but not how grudges can be held for so many years.

    I hope you do better with the EU over the next 400 yrs than you have with the UK in the past.

  13. I don't know if Scotland would or wouldn't join but at least we would have a choice unlike the UK as a whole.

    It would be our choice and our responsibility.

    Despite this financial downturn and all the bile spat out at Iceland, Ireland, Lativia, Slovakia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc; too little, too weak, I am deafened by the outcry of these countries to rejoin their former former colonial mastera.

    I believe the Iceland and the Irish economies are actually growing as is every mature economy in the World, except the UK.

    The case for The Prosecution rests, Myludd.

  14. Perhaps England, Wales or Northern Ireland could have a choice too?

    Iceland is doing better out of the EU - but it doesn't mean Scotland will fare better out of the UK.

    Ask an Irishman who trades in the Euro - the Rep of Ireland is sinking, like Greece and Spain (and Portugal)

  15. Actually GV, Ireland should a GDP growth in the last quarter.

    If Scotland the Union, the United Kingdom would no longer exist. So how could two equal constituents, legally speaking, not divorce and one party retain the joint club memberships?

    Think about it, England is not the UK nor would it inherit the mantle of the UK. The UK came about because Scotland and England so formed it, Wales was incorporated within England and Ireland was later incorporated as a conquered nation.

    No UK, no EU membership for both constituents and decision tie for both too.

    Could be the best thing that happened to England?

  16. Sorry GV

    If Scotland broke The Union,
    second line

  17. Believe me, I've thought about it and I still believe we have strength in numbers.

    My initial - and ongoing - dispute with the SNP is why would you want to forego Union with England, Wales & N Ireland just to fall headlong into the EU?

    You call it England, we call it Great Britain - seems we have many miles to cover.

  18. GV

    I never said we, Scotland, would or should join the EU.

    That would be for the people to decide after they were consulted in a referendum.

    Personally I would vote for a Norwegian type association whilst the full ramifications were uncovered.

  19. Unfortunately, I see the EU as a plot to undermine the UK - devolution being a part of it, together with Regional Assemblies.

    However, if Scotland truly wants autonomy, given the propaganda we've been fed, I won't hold it against you - but it will lead to the break up of the Union, which, after all, is what the EU wants.

    Devolution is just divide and conquer FC. Sometimes it's better to hold ranks and put divisions aside.

  20. Then GV we must agree to disagree, amicably I hope.

    If you are of the female persuasion I give you a big kiss and if a bloke I'll send Peter Mandelson around later

  21. Oh, please don't send Mandelson round FC - I'd rather have a cyber hug from Alec Salmond.

  22. 13th, not heated, just friendly warm.

    However the first post of Dansk Pastry would be a useful addition.

    Do you have the wherewithal to get it up and running?

    Good article anyway.

    Personally I think we are all goosed


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