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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Govt Appropriates NHS Donations

This doesn't smell right: the government is bringing in changes to accounting methods within the NHS which means that all charitable donations must be declared alongside Treasury funding.
Charities also fear that the change, due to come into effect in April, will be used as a smokescreen to hide cuts in health spending, with ministers reducing funds for organisations such as children’s hospitals that have successful charitable arms...
Ministers were banned from counting charitable donations towards the central NHS budget under the original legislation that created the NHS in 1948.  But this looks set to be reversed after the Treasury agreed to implement International Accounting Standard (IAS) 27. Now all NHS Trusts whose trustees have the “power to control” their charitable arm look likely to be forced to consolidate both sets of accounts in one.

Money raised by fun runners for NHS charities could be "nationalised"
How fundraising has changed since 1948


  1. Just one of the means by which the people of this country could confront the worst practises of government is refusal to be used as a political smokescreen. All it would take, in this case, is for the hospitals to warn the government that they will close down all charitable funding if it cannot be separately accounted for.

    Result? instant cave-in.

    It is long past time that organisations in this country called an absolute and eternal stop to being used as political footballs and pawns.

  2. GV this is definitley a steal, it is a robbery in progress. IAS, my ass. All IASs are used to cover laudering of drug money on a global scale. As for UK plc the biggest stink will hit when staff have to be told that their pensions have been stolen. Nurses especially. They will do anything before they have to fess up. Theives.

  3. Arseholes are the only thing Labour are good at being and using.

  4. If only they could find the backbone, Edgar. The govt just seems to chance its arm at everything these days and hope it gets away with it. If more people confronted them there'd be more u-turns - they're weak and cowardly at the core.

    We've had a robbery in progress since 1997 Incoming. You're right about the pensions fiasco - full details aren't known yet but it's looking really bad.

    Hi OR, what can I say? You're probably right ;-)


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