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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PMQs: Verdict

NB: Bad language.

It's one of those really rotten, horrible, bucketful-of-tears days which you'll recognise if you've ever had a sick pet so don't expect much because I'm typing this with one hand on the keyboard and the other stroking the dead cat on my kneee. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

It's funny how she's still soft and fluffy - not as warm as she was ten minutes ago it's true - but strokeable and missable. Collapsed veins meant an injection straight to the heart after an anaesthetic - woe, woe and thrice woe.

Still, where's my stiff upper lip? Let's get on with the show:

1. Brown is a sanctimonious cunt
2. Robert Neil (Con. Bromley & Chisleyhurst) asked whether the 'pain in Spain is mainly in his brain' which was a reference to Brown's gaffe last week of Spain being in the G20. I liked that, and so did Con. back benchers.
3. Brown was angry from the 'get-go'. He obviously has been taking instruction on how to handle himself and has a new team of speech-writers. You don't go from zero-to-hero within two weeks at PMQs without someone propping you up.
4. Bercow, once again in disciplinarian Latin Master role, intervened to berate Cons b/benchers.
5. Brown continued: "I'm glad, I'm very glad...that we're talking about the economy," but with a look on his face that I have never seen from him before. I'm beginning to think his new-found confidence is because he's done his job and his future within the One-World Elite is secured.

He actually answered by referring to the bogus couple who wangled entrance to the White House without a proper invitation: "But the PM of Spain was invited to the G20 by the President of America to be part of the G20. I invited the PM of Spain to the G20 meeting that took place in London. Mr Zapatero was at the G20 meeting that took place in Pittsburgh. In other words, Spain was part of the G20. Mr Speaker, I know they talk down Britain but it's a bit much they talk down Spain."

I smell another soundbite so it's a yawn from me and monkey-cheers from Labour b/benchers. Are 23% of the electorate really so stupid that they can't recognise media soundbites any more? I suppose everyone votes with their wallet - how's that for a Labour soundbite? God help us all if there's a hung Parliament. (Reasons for a hung Parliament - UKIP, Libertarians, BNP, English Democrats, NotA - don't belong in this post).

Back to Cameron & Brown: G-d I hate Brown. - answering to
Angela Smith (Lab) about legislation on dangerous dogs, he's just so insincere; he gives poor interviews & weak answers to questions. Remember that Prime Minister's Questions is supposed to be the half-hour in the week that government can be publicly held to account, live on tv. Maybe that's why his game has been upped in the past two weeks. Alistair Campbell? Damien McBride? They're still in there somewhere.

I wonder what it's like to die via injection? She's colder now.

Cameron's up next: He paid tribute to Lance Corporal Adam Drain, as had Brown. Same coin? Opposite sides? Same destination? Cameron invokes WW2. He questioned whether troops, funding and resources could be in place and whether Karzai could cut corruption and civilian benefits could be in place (so, covered all the govt bases except national security).

Brown: "We have brought in extra surveillance; we have brought in more intelligence officers/drones/engineers/backing up troops with the best equipment possible...We will do everything we can to avoid this loss of life as a result of guerilla warfare." So, now it's guerilla warfare, not a war, not an insurgency - how many more fucking reasons can people like Brown use? A remembered part of me thinks the powers that be just use wars to test the latest technology.

Cameron asked about the 'spinly-thread' UK Forces in Helmand and whether US Forces could take up some of the slack.

Brown, flanked by a disinterested Harman in a split-to-the-thorax -but-not-cleavage-revealing fuschia ensemble with beads made in Africa & courtesy of Oxfam (no - don't try it) and Darling, engrossed in his PBR speech, said that our Armed Forces are there to train the Afghan Police & Army. So, now we know. Fucking bastard lying gits. Every which way we turn they say something else.

I might continue later, when I've finished stroking the cat.


  1. Sorry to hear about your cat, GV.


  2. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I think a bit of language is easily justifiable given the circumstances.

    As for the lesser animals, I can only hope the Cylopalypse has the same effect on the One-World Elite he seems to have on everything else he touches. I doubt it though. They'd assassinate him before that. That in itself would almost be a cause for celebration.

  3. Condolences, GV. Just remember we are better for knowing them when we lose them.
    As for Jimmy Snot and Labour. As disillussioned as I am with Cameron, he wil be a welcome breath of fresh air if nothing else.

  4. Auch GV what a shame. How sad. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - Robbie Burns and words that have seen me through a few times.

    Wonderful summary of PMQs though.

  5. It's been a bad, tearful day - thank you all.


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