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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Scottish Parliament FMQs 10 November 2009

As expected this week's FMQs concentrated on yesterday's pre-budget report from Alistair Darling.

The FM was at his fighting best today and offered a target by Iain Gray, the leader of the Labour Party's MSPs, Alex Salmond didn't miss. Mr Gray's questions concerned accelerated capital expenditure. When he listed the projects presently delayed, the FM was able to quote a list of successful projects and he declared Mr Gray had requested accelerated capital spending from the Treasury but it had not been forthcoming. Undaunted Iain Gray stuck to his script and pursued his claims that the government has misallocated resources. The FM continued to sweep them aside.

Alex Salmon won this round by a whisker - the whisker being his production of a copy of Iain Gray's FM questions for last week (allegedly found in Costa Coffee by a SNP sympathiser I understand), which the FM announced Mr Gray had read word for word. This valuable (well it was to Iain Gray last week) document we were told had been written by a Sarah Metcalfe. A sea of red faces silenced the labour benches and interrogations aplenty will be taking place this very minute.

Annabel Goldie, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, attacked Labour and their PBR with gusto and requested the FM give details of the cuts government will be forced to make how much was Labour's cut going to cost Scotland.. The FM was able to give her exact projected figure which SPICE (the Scottish Parliament Information Centre) had published earlier today, stating the PBR would deprive Scotland of £800.14m. Ms Goldie then suggested Labour ministers should be brought before the Parliament to explain the devolved consequences of the PBR but Mr Salmond responded he would rather the entire Labour party be summoned before the people in a general election.

The LibDem leader, Tavish Scott, also homed in on Labour's cuts to Scotland with the FM insisting he wasn't prepared to go down the route of his LibDem leader in London.

Certainly, for my English readers, it's worth watching FMQs this week. You can view it onHolyroodTV, where it will stay forever, or on the BBC iPlayer where it will stay for 7 days.



  1. BBC I-Player will not leave it seven days if it's not conducive to the EU/Labour mantra.

  2. Really OR? I thought it was mandatory they did. Must take more notice, thanks for the warning.


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