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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What Has Europe Done For Us?

Unified law across the European Union is taking another step forward with the news that the EU’s commissioner for justice and fundamental rights has set her sights on re-working Contract Law, which  could form the basis of a European Civil Code: a long-standing objective of supporters of deeper EU integration.
National civil codes encompass property, contracts, tort and general obligations at the core of civic life, which stem directly from the traditions of each country. They also govern family or employment relations, areas in which the EU’s competences are strictly limited.
A European Civil Code would represent a substantial step forward for the EU’s internal market, allowing companies and consumers to operate more easily in another country without having to face different laws.   But it is likely to face strong resistance in countries like Britain, as it would make the EU appear more of a ’superstate’ than a loose confederation of nations.
 The Electronic Journal of Comparitive Law (EJCL) held lectures on the European Civil Code in 2000 and has further info on Ius Commune.
'History shows that major communities have generally adopted standard codes of civil law.'  The document then mentions the continental European legal systems as examples and the United Kingdom as a notable exception. It continues: 'However, it is safe to say that a position of economic supremacy can only be attained if there is a certain degree of "legal rationality".
Differences between common law and civil law systems

It's perfectly reasonable and not surprising; criminal law is already being 'harmonised' and now England's Common Law looks set to be 'rationalised' too. "It is likely to face strong resistance in...Britain": I doubt it.


  1. After screwing our farmers, fishermen and industry, it's time to get serious about real reform of this new, tiny EU State. Storm troopers soon, no doubt.

  2. Well, we already know about Europol and foreign police in Britain so it's just a matter of time.


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