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Saturday, 5 December 2009

What A Piece Of Work...

... is the supercilious Prof Andrew Watson of UEA.  Who else saw the Newsnight 'interview' last night which he sneered his way through and said, "What an @rsehole" in the closing shot?  He was talking about his co-interviewee, Marc Morano, former aide to Rush Limbaugh, but could equally have been talking about himself.  Host Martha Kearney, had to issue an apology.

It's at times like this I wish I could record from the tv and upload to youtube (*  See update) - it should be seen by as many people as possible in the interests of spreading the ridicule around. The problem is that his attitude isn't an isolated one; it runs through the core of the AGW proponents.

The interview itself was a mess and Morano was constantly interrupted by Watson and Kearney which made him more eager to get his points over.  The end result was an unedifying shouting match.
Climate Depot

This clip of Fraser Nelson & Bob Ward (Grantham Institute for Climate Change) illustrates perfectly that there is no room for dissent:

UPDATE: Lifted from the comments section at Iain Dale's blog:
"The Grantham Institute for Climate Change might be attached to Imperial College, but it is funded by the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment.

This foundation was established in 1997 by Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham. Mr Grantham sits on the management board of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College.

Mr Grantham is also chairman and co-founder of GMO, which is a large American investment management company."

Good old Swiss Bob at the Daily Politics has just posted these on YouTube:


  1. I happen to believe in the reality of climate change. The evidence is clear. What is arguable is the human influence in this. These "scientists" at the UEA have muddied the waters so much that many folks will now dismiss any evidence of human causation. These "scientists" should be horsewhipped.

  2. Scunnert, I think climate change is a natural cyclical phenomena so is being over-hyped at the moment and used as a weapon of control. It seems clear that some degree of data manipulation and cover-up has gone on and they should address it honestly instead of name-calling. People like Andrew Watson do themselves no favours - horrible man.

  3. Andrew Watson is a childlike individual. All him and his ilk behaving in this way does is radicalise previously rational people to a point where, if things go as planned, they will ultimately end up looking like the flat-earthers they've been called all this time. One has to be careful.

    I try not to get too annoyed about it. My disliking for the likes of Watson is purely personal but I worry I'll never be able to trust a piece of climate science again, with the partisan, nonnegotiable divides that seem have been formed.

    It's good (nearly said "warming") to see a bit of rationality going on in comment threads such as these though.

  4. I have spent a lifetime with meteorology and climate as part of my flying. Climate change is a constant sine wave governed mainly by the sun. man made? Nonsense, nature isfar more powerful and significant than man. More tax, anyone?

  5. Taxation just moves the polluter from an efficient user of the own money to a bureaucrat.

    It increases pollution.

  6. "Andrew Watson is a childlike individual."

    WHO ENJOYS THE COMPANY OF..............

  7. I take your point CS - on a smaller scale Morano became 'shouty' because he wasn't given time to get his point across which in turn made him seem like something off InfoWars or Fox News. Ultimately we're all deniers and radicals about something in the eyes of this govt - that's what makes me so cross.

    ACO - no one seems to have much left to tax at the moment and I see some bright spark in govt floated a 70% top rate - that was denied but in the radio i/view I heard 60% wasn't.

    OR - thanks for your professional thoughts - I didn't know you were a flyer. Not sure about the 2nd though!

  8. I would totally agree GV, I wasn't trying to sneak in with a warmists' agenda :-)

    The sceptic voice has inevitably been a two-against-one (at the very least) where programme hosts have leaned towards popular government "consensus" if not quoted it to the letter and I wouldn't blame Morano for speaking up at all. Particularly as I share his views.

    But I try to stay calm. I suspect we'll have plenty more of these stereotype-inviting "He's just a fat American, what does he know" set-ups in the future, with mere mocking of British sceptics and little to no airtime. The thing that heartens me as that Brits all too often go with the underdog, especially when he's talking about saving them money.

    The stage micro-management continues...

  9. I read your blog CS - I didn't think you were an undercover 'Thermomaniac' :-) The vitriol is going to get worse. The question is how can we, those who want a moratorium on green taxes and indoctrination of our school children, move forward? Governments are out of control.

  10. "The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment is the new home to climate-change and environment research at LSE."


    London School Of Economics, 'nuff said.

  11. Yes, the video of Bob Ward Vs Fraser Nelson removed by YouTube because of multiple infringements of content owned by the BBC Wordwide and Olympic/Dorna sports etc.


    Where do these officious apparatchiks get off !!!!

    Oh yes and the BBC, Olympic Committe and Dorna Sports appear to be heavily invested in so called Carbon Credits and all that flummery. Is this a co-incidence.


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