"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 27 December 2010

When A Good Girl Goes Bad

When a good girl goes bad it's taken a lot of knocks to reach that stage; it takes quite a bit of effort to push a good girl to anger but you'll know it if you do.  Respect for the police, respect for our Armed Forces, respect for school, church, neighbours all seem to have gone by the board in our progressive, post-democratic society.  A good girl wouldn't go bad if she felt that the government was doing something positive to reinstate these values; at least they could make the effort, make a good show of things with all the right noises..

The problem is that when the good girl looks into what the government says and contrasts it with what the government does, she gets cross.  When she goes out into the street and her smiles aren't just ignored but actively snarled at, she tends to go home unhappy.  Shop-keepers will find they no longer see the good girl again, she'll take her custom elsewhere, and people generally will find she's reached the stage where she'll give as good as she gets, if she has to.  Thereby, the good girl becomes part of the problem.

I've been back some five or six weeks now and all I see are enclosed, 'watch-my-space' people.  They're busy, pre-occupied people who've forgotten that everyone they pass on the street has a story of their own, quite unique to themselves.  England has changed.  It's become suspicious, edgy and prone to blame others.  Unfortunately, the 'others' are usually the neighbours.

I've been blogging for about two yrs now and no-one is listening.  Government is corrupt so government is where anger should be expressed, not Mr Public next door.  If you're still a good girl/boy then think twice/three times before you vote for the Lib/Lab/Con con in 2014 and if you've gone bad definitely think four/five times before you take your anger out on friends/neighbours/passing strangers..

Months ago I blogged about MEPs and MPs  swapping places - 'valued work experience' the EC said - and no-one took me up on it.   It was a kind of getting-to-know-you EU project endorsed by our governments since 1997.   2011 is going to be a very bad year.

All I ask of anyone who drops by is to think about what's happened to our country and then look at the EU directives.  We, the disunited kingdom and its assemblies/governments, appear to be in the vanguard of the nwo and we should be ashamed of ourselves.  Perhaps that's why folk seem so downtrodden and dejected, though I doubt it.  I don't believe people know where the blame lies.

The intention of this blog wasn't to regurgitate 'news'; it was to bring advance warning and I think it did that - everything is in the archives.  It's going to be blog-lite for a while because I see no point in re-posting what I've already blogged about.  All I've ever wanted is for people to look around and ask questions. I only have to look back through my blog to see how much information has been erased, for the public good.


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Slay Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

I know I shouldn't be here but after a turkey & sprout fest and  a riotous Donkey Kong I felt the urge to check up on the EU, just in case.  Actually, it's nice and quiet in here - there's just Suki sitting on the window cill wondering what all the white stuff is.  Where he comes from fine white powder is sand and the poor thing hasn't been outside yet - he's in for a shock.  Being England, it's all carpeted, fully centrally heated and even I'm struggling with the heat, in fact I like nothing more than to switch it all off and open the windows.  Anyway, back to the EU:

For any statisticians out there, have a page and some graphs (click to enlarge):

If David Liddington, our Europe Minister, can coherently explain why Switzerland and Norway consistently out-perform EU 'member states' I'll send him my son's CoD BlOps.

British farmers will be celebrating the New Year with the news that the EU27 agricultural income is up by 12.3%.  Oh, wait a minute, no they won't, that's just the average.  The UK is at the bottom of the list with a whopping -8.2% decrease in income.  There's no news on our fishermen but they're probably down there with our farmers.

Crime is apparently down in the UK - don't you just love these charts?  Reported crime is down - I think we've all got the message now that the best way is not to disturb the police but to deal with it ourselves .   Hello 13yrs of Labour government and hello Cameron's Big Society where people take on civic duties.

January will be interesting. Hungary takes over the rotating Presidency of the EU just as its credit rating has been downgraded to one point above 'junk' status and the censorship of its media.

March promises to be a 'grab-a-bag-of-popcorn-&-put-your-feet-up month'.  Merkel and Zapatero both need to survive regional elections and neither of them is a foregone conclusion.  The German people are uneasy about the bail-outs and the Spanish have a 40% unemployment rate in the 18-25 group (an arbitrary EU grouping).  Spanish figures for 2008-09  Is it only we phlegmatic Northern folk who don't object?

Greece & Ireland still have terrible problems despite the *ahem* bail-out by the IMF and the ECB and Portugal is still in trouble. Italy also trembles as unemployment rises and not all of the problems stem from Berlusconi - irreparable sleaze merchant and megolomaniac though he is. Sarkozy has problems too. France is in desperate straits - *gallic shrug*.

Me? I'm looking forward to the implosion of Belgium as it struggles to create any sort of government at all let alone a coalition. Belgian Presidency hailed 'a success',  How sweet it is and becoming sweeter by the month.

I wonder why the EU doesn't condemn communism?

I'll leave you with this:
As there is, according to the UK’s House Banking Committee Staff report of 1976, a linear connection between N.M. Rothschild and the Bank of England which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in New York, it is clear that the FED is not left with any choice but to bail out 'investment' banks no matter how naughty their behaviour has been.
PS Don't forget to tune in at 7pm to see our own dear Vinnie doing what he does best - being light on his toes and shuffling around in the glare of the spotlight.

In the words of Gerald Nabarro, "Must dash" (sorry, I've heard too many Christmas cracker jokes). The Wii elves are fighting the goblins and my services are called upon by the Faerie Queene but I'll leave you with this, a true tale of a life lived well.

Christmas Day

Thursday, 23 December 2010

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas

Someone Should Have Told Him

... about
I think I've posted one of his videos as a Sunday Reflection - English music and English countryside.
YouTube account GoodFightLad has been terminated because we have received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants, including:
  • Islam Channel Ltd
And what's this rubbish I read this morning? Christmas is evil say people who want Sharia law. Well, they know what they can do but, more to the point, this government knows what it should do, it knows what the people want it to do - and still it doesn't do it.

I also read that the Remembrance Day poppy-burners are pleading 'not guilty' to a charge of xxx  (I can't find it now in any msm report - I read the Guardian, Telegraph & Mail this morning)  but whatever it was you can bet it was something fairly innocuous.  Given that they were plastered all over the tv and YouTube doing it I expect the judge to sentence them, strip them of their British citizenship if need be, and then deport them.

Photobucket Not really, only joking.

Here it is: they were charged under Section 5, Public Order Act 
An Act to abolish the common law offences of riot, rout, unlawful assembly and affray and certain statutory offences relating to public order; to create new offences relating to public order; to control public processions and assemblies; to control the stirring up of racial hatred; to provide for the exclusion of certain offenders from sporting events; to create a new offence relating to the contamination of or interference with goods; to confer power to direct certain trespassers to leave land; to amend section 7 of the Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act 1875, section 1 of the Prevention of Crime Act 1953, Part V of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1980 and the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985; to repeal certain obsolete or unnecessary enactments; and for connected purposes.
[7th November 1986]
Under the Act twelve or more persons can constitute a Riot and three or more persons can constitute a Violent Affray .  I blame myself for not noting that little jewel of legislation - too busy working for a living.  No wonder they wanted to close down pubs and Churches.

I'm still betting it will be a slap on the wrist for the poppy-burners.  I wonder what will happen to Guramit Singh and Tommy Robinson?

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas

Yet Another WTF Moment

My thanks to SubRosa for finding this totally incredible video clip.  My ears are on overload and I think I've heard it all now.

Q:  "What shall we do with a climate sceptic if they won't shut up?"
A:  "Tie up their assets in coastal property..."
A:  "Put them in a desert and ration their water..."
A:  Take them to the Arctic and make them tread water..."
A.  "Lock them in a room with nothing but money..."  and so it goes on.

You get the picture.  Are these people, the UN's very own useful idiots,  totally deranged?

I was wrong - I haven't heard it all yet.. This comes from Big Brother Watch:

Ixchel, Lucis Trust & The UN

Much as I'd like to sit back and relax in this Season of Goodwill on Earth & Peace to All Mankind my brain won't stop ticking over in a religion-related way.

I think most people now realise that there are forces at work that we can't see in full - see my post HERE. There is truth in these assertions (see Ixchel at Cancun). These things won't go away just because we close our eyes, stick our fingers in our ear and mutter 'crazy conspiracy-theorist loons'. When our eyes open they'll still be there, only closer, much like Dr Who's Weeping Angels (sad analogy but there you go, it's the most appropriate one I can think of).

I'm re-posting the link above because the original video has been taken off YouTube - so it's time for another one. There's a reason for the dumbing down of Christianity, the rise of Islamisation, Gaia-worship & the promotion of aggressive atheism.  The proposed disestablishment of the Church of England, the separation of Church from State, will bring us another small step closer. There's also a reason why we have former druid and current patron of The Peace Mala Youth Project for World Peace as Archbishop of Canterbury.

I advise everyone to  forget about Baron Hardup and the Pantomime Dame and go and do their own research and make up their own minds about where this all ties in with the Green AGW movement and economic collapse:

More links:
The Lucis Trust Channel on YouTube
Fabianism 1
Fabianism 2
A web of inter-connectedness

PS You only have to look at our own coalition government, Cameron & Clegg, to witness  true Hegelian dialect in action.

Monday, 20 December 2010

On The Eighth Day of Christmas

That's it, I think, until after Christmas. There seems to be very little happening in the run-up, apart from snow, snow and more snow.

The internet still remains a challenge to the UN and the US Federal Communications Commission while in the UK ISPs have come out against Ed Vaizey's idiotic support of an 'opt-in' on porn. That's some consolation I suppose but tptb won't stop trying to filter and control the information we can access via a free internet.

I've scheduled some Carols for those of you who like them while I'm away doing what most MPs should do - spending more time with my family. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, don't overdo the brandy and mince pies, and I'll be back when I'm back.

I almost forgot this: Christmas trees make non-Christians feel excluded which just goes to show that Canada has its fair share of idiots too.

The FCC votes by 3-2 for internet regulation

H/t: NomineDeus

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday Reflection

A week of Carols begins with the voice of a young boy:

More Money...More Money...

That's all we ever hear - the gaping maw needs more.  These Third Way 'centrist' governments are in collusion with the EU and the UN and are forever thinking up new projects to embark upon and ramp up the taxes. Hard-earned cash is shovelled into their ideological projects with a substantial amount retained for their own pockets and expenses.  I suppose you could call it 'handlers' fees'.
The European Year has been a success, raising awareness through more than 700 projects in 29 countries and creating a strong momentum that has mobilised politicians, stakeholders and citizens. It has put the political spotlight on poverty reduction and has helped us to crystallise the premise that combating social exclusion is an economic necessity and must be an integral part of our recovery strategy.
It's all in the public interest and all for the good of the cause. Of course it is. Anyone who now believes that governments of any stripe will act for the people who elect them is a Muppet Extraordinaire - and that includes students.  Politics has changed and left & right should stop and re-assess their values.

Let me explain, if I can.  Is it not yet clear to students that they are being manipulated for a cause?  They rally with the SWP and the UAF, many of whose members are the same core group leaders.  Workers, in a hang-over from the days of the Trades' Unions, are also being manipulated.  Islamic extremists, EDL, me, we're all being manipulated and need to stop and question the motive.

Our current coalition government is nothing more than a continuance of the Blair/Brown years.  "Same destination, different route," said Cameron.  Why people are out on the street chanting, "Tory scum," is beyond me when it's plain to see that little has actually changed since May.  Why weren't you students out on the streets chanting, "Labour scum," when Labour introduced tuition fees despite their manifesto promise not to do so?  Who is pulling your strings?  Why now?

'Divide & conquer' isn't a cliche, it's a tried and tested truism.  All the student riots have achieved is to bring closer the possibility of water cannon being deployed on English streets, something I wrote about last year and something for which our Met hierarchy have been pleading.  Don't think Theresa May's initial refusal is on the side of goodness and light - it isn't - she's on her own side.  She's on the side of a career in politics that leads to a career in corporate life and not one Labour govt minister would have said or done anything different.

Look at Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  After years of releasing revealing little titbits, many of which I've posted here, they decided to dump a whole lot - but to selected media who, in the UK, are under a D-Notice to clear everything with the government first.   Why didn't Wikileaks publish in full online for Jo Public to see?  All this circus has done is to bring control of the internet even closer.

I'm sick of being a mouse in this game of cat& and it's time our new generation of politically-aware youngsters realised that 'the left' doesn't have the high ground in the distaste for war, arms dealers, poverty, surveillance, censorship or government by corporations.

Go back to sleep - all will be fine.
UK Uncut's action is stupid and counter-productive

Come on, Generation Now, open your eyes; don't be herded into the Sheeple pen. It's time for you to tweak the curtain before you're seduced by the glamour of corporatism and a mythical divide between 'left' and 'right' politics.


*strokes ear*

I read the transcript of this interview but unfortunately we can't see the Daily Show website in the UK and Gawker TV didn't have it either...but... Trooper Thompson has found a clip on YouTube so we can all go HERE and share in Brown's little joke. It's toe-curling. Notice also at roughly 2:36 that Stewart sways back in his chair as Brown lunges forward over the desk. Can't say I blame him.

The voice-over is wrong, btw, he should have opened his eyes and ears before now and he'd have realised that some sections of the blogosphere have done nothing but mention this.

Political Malfunction

█████ ██ █ ████ Everything ███ █████ is █████ ████ ████ fine ████ ███ █ ██████ love.
█████ ███████ From ███ your █████ ████ government.

█████ ██ █ ████ Everything ███ █████ is █████ ████ ████ fine. ████ ███ █ ██████
Love █████ from ███████ ███ your █████ ████ government.

█████ ██ █ ████ Everything ███ █████ is █████ ████ ████ fine.  ████ ███ █ ██████
Love █████ ███████ ███ your █████ ████ government.

███ █████ ██ █ ████ Love █████ ███████ ███ your █████ ████ government.

When the shtf

Sunday Round-Up

No doubt there's much going on at the moment but all the events can be broken down into three categories: symptoms; causes; distractions. They all make for depressing reading so I thought I'd give it a miss this week. I've been quite down lately anyway - as you can probably tell from the 'Christmas' videos I've been posting in a childish attempt to lighten things up.

Here's a late mini round-up instead:

IMF HQ refurbishment
Gun laws tightened - again
US 'empowering' British Muslims
Luton Islamic Centre's extremist links
iPhone/Android apps are watching you
Sliding into internet censorship
EU 'cybercrime' agency
Hottest year on record
Booker takes Huhne to task
Ashton: Sell arms to China
Parliament may open to diners
Govt's 'Top Secret' wine list
Chaos or control?
An irrelevance
Sudan President banks $9m in London

Two Christmas stories: Christmas cards and the BBC's Nativity Play.

Spain 1 and 2.

Below - Cameron is caught offering Merkel the shirt off his back:

Saturday, 18 December 2010

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas

For cat lovers (and cat haters) everywhere:

Here's one of my favourite Christmas songs: Little Saint Nick

A Must See

It's a peace & love musician called Danny Allen. He knows a bit about The Common Law & Statutes as well so he has the happy knack of being able to tie fake authority up in knots, for a while at least. It won't be long before tptb catch on.

Part 3
Part 4

He's also done other things - it's worth checking out his channel (link above) if you're not too busy over Christmas.

Friday, 17 December 2010

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas

Cameron Mocked

Foreign press corps mocks Cameron That's not on, they should be ashamed of themselves, ruddy johnny foreigners. That's our job!

Cameron's tying himself up in knots as he squirms on the EU hook. It's well-deserved too because it's the same old say one thing but do another. In fact he's spinning so fast on the EU that he's in danger of flying off into the electoral wilderness.

This coalition government shares much in common with the previous Labour govt, not least their addiction to thinking the electorate are stupid and can't see beyond the SpAds and spin. On so many levels, they couldn't be more wrong.

Btw - take a look at THIS
"Over the last 10 years, there has been significant real growth in the resources going into the NHS, most of it funding higher staff pay and increases in headcount. The evidence shows that productivity in the same period has gone down, particularly in hospitals."
If ever proof were needed that more money doesn't equal better outcomes the NHS, education, overseas aid and the EU tell you all you need to know.

What's The Point ...

... of a diary which doesn't mention high days and holidays?

The EC has printed 3m+ 2011 diaries as Christmas gifts to secondary school children across Europe.  Unfortunately, they don't mention Christmas.  They mark Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivities as well as Europe Day and other key EU anniversaries, but no Christian festivals are marked.  An EC spokesman described it as a 'blunder' and said, "We're sorry about it, and we'll correct that in next edition. Religious holidays may not be mentioned at all to avoid any controversy."

It's time the EU stopped pushing their filthy propaganda on our children, stopped the nudging and the mind-moulding and got the f*ck away from perverting education with their ideology.

They've taken on board the Jesuit maxim, "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man."  We've seen the results in OECD statistics, in our classrooms and on British streets and we don't care for it.

Recent statistics

The Good Old Days

Back in the good old days of a Labour government blogging was easy - everything they touched, said or did turned to dross; the ministers were unremittingly thick so blogging was easy and ridicule came naturally  Four or five posts a day on the latests policy pronouncements wasn't unusual.

Fast forward to the LibServative coalition and 7/8 months in I find I'm in a quagmire Labour would have been proud to equal.  I despise Clegg and hold Cameron in contempt.  Perhaps now, having seen the mash-up of policies and the wholesale ditching of manifesto 'pledges', people will see the pitfalls of coalitiion government and realise that the only ones who are "all in this together" are the three main parties.

I've been asking myself if there'll ever come a point where factions from different political spectrums and none will come together to protest on the streets as the voice of all the people, not just the SWP types.  Major constitutional changes to our country are being made and they affect each and every one of us regardless of political leanings.

Here's a sample of this morning's newspapers, each of which deserves a post in its own right but there just aren't the hours in the day and I'd find myself in a constant state of apoplexy if I tried:

A seriously deluded piece by Peter Oborne  "From now on, the focus will be on David Cameron, and it is the Tory leader who will be obliged to surrender his honour and his integrity on the altar of coalition government, and all the messy compromises it involves. It is he who will be forced to look shifty and dishonest, and brave the same charges of treachery and indecision that Clegg has already endured."  Too late, he already looks shifty & dishonest and the charges are already at his feet.
English students to pay higher fees at Scottish Universities   " Under the Edinburgh plans, Scottish students and students from other EU countries would still have all their tuition fees paid by the state. But English students could be charged more, in part in an attempt to address a deepening funding gap at Scottish universities."   England is a country and must have its own voice in any Parliament.  Scottish, Welsh and N.Irish MPs must not be allowed a vote on matters relating solely to England.
Fuel rationing   "...the Government confirmed that the situation could become “very serious,” with some households already facing waits of up to four weeks before they can receive supplies....Across the United Kingdom, a number of public bodies, including rural schools and hospitals, also depend on oil for heat."  And with petrol at £1.22+  and diesel at £1.26+ per litre this is a sign of a feckless government.
EU seeks closer ties to USA  "Ashton proposes that where European and American interests or policies diverge on certain issues, the EU should repackage its aims to make them more attractive to Washington, for example on climate change or on relations between the EU and Nato."  The farce of the EU has gone on long enough.  Ashton is nothing more than a quango queen who has never been elected by the people to any position at any time.
The IFS warns on child poverty  "In the next three years the IFS says average incomes are forecast to stagnate and this, coupled with deep cuts in welfare, will see a rise in relative poverty for children and working-age adults of 800,000 and a rise in absolute poverty for the same group of 900,000."  This is the think tank George Osborne described as 'independent' and 'much-respected'.
Pantomimes ruined by cultural change  " 'It's a bit biased against foreign students really,' said one audience member."  Oh, no it isn't.

And that's before we get to the Daily Mail with its daily diet of scum-related stories:

Why was she charged with manslaughter rather than murder?  "Witnesses heard her shouting ‘dickhead’ and ‘**** you’ as the kicks went in.".
92yr old targeted  "A 92-year-old World War II hero has been left unable to walk or talk after suffering a stroke when thieves broke into his home and stole his Christmas presents."
82yr old targeted "A grandmother died after a group of drunken thugs shoved her to the ground - and mugged her for just £2.20."
69yr old targeted  "An ex-serviceman wearing an RAF jacket was attacked by thugs who shouted at him 'Bomb the soldiers! Death to the soldiers!'  The 69-year-old was punched and headbutted by two Asian or mixed-race attackers who spotted him in military uniform."
ECHR promise bites Cameron  ‘No wonder asylum seekers are queuing up at the borders to get in when they see decisions like this.  They realise that whatever they do, be it burglar, rape or murder, they can use the laws to ensure they are able to stay in Britain. ‘The immigration judges have ruled he had a right to a family life.  What about my right to a family life with my daughter?   That was taken away in the most horrendously cruel fashion by a serial criminal who has never contributed to our society.’

Is there any wonder?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas

The LibDems & The In/Out Referendum

Open Europe has  a cable which shows the LibDems for what they are: unprincipled and opportunistic sleazeballs.
As Clegg sought to explain it to the public, the real issue for his intensely pro-Europe rank-and-file was not the Lisbon Treaty itself, but confirming UK membership in the EU once and for all. The Lib Dem official position therefore was to propose an alternate "in or out" referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU, and abstain on the competing Conservative motion to hold a referendum on just the Treaty itself.

Who said the following just before the 2005 GE?
"The real reason, of course, why the government does not want to hold a referendum is the fear that it may lose... Nothing will do more damage to the pro-European movement than giving room to the suspicion that we have something to hide, that we do not have the 'cojones' to carry out our argument to the people."
Yes, it was Clegg and now that he's in bed with Cameron, another one with no cojones, the possibility of a referendum looks ever more remote.

Q. When will a treaty change not trigger referenda?
A. When it's 'limited' treaty change

Dan Hannan calls it "a Heaven-sent opportunity to walk away with a major set of concessions."
"So what will we ask for? Depressingly, it seems we have no bottom line. The only concrete request in the Coalition Agreement [is]that the scope of the 48-hour maximum working week be reduced. Yet our Brussels officials are too timid – or too committed to deeper integration – to push even for this paltry trophy."

Surprise, Surprise

After days of Sweden taking the flak for opposing bail for Julian Assange it's emerged that it was our own CPS.
It had been widely thought Sweden had made the decision to oppose bail, with the CPS acting merely as its representative. But today the Swedish prosecutor's office told the Guardian it had "not got a view at all on bail" and that Britain had made the decision to oppose bail.
Lawyers for Assange reacted to the news with shock and said CPS officials had told them this week it was Sweden which had asked them to ensure he was kept in prison.

Hypocrisy and lies from British officials.  I'm getting worn down by the sheer scale of deceit and manipulation over the past decades and can barely raise an eyebrow at this latest news.  I've had enough of them all.
Bail granted

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

On The Third Day Of Christmas

Celente: 'Off With Their Heads 2011'

Here's Gerald Celente and Alex Jones discussing the disconnect between governments and the governed:

Quote:  Head of ECB tells BBC, "It's good to have foreigners own your country."

The interview lasts 45minutes and is well worth watching in full:
Part 2
Part 3

PMQs: Summary + Videos

This is the last one-horse, one-party  race before Christmas but the House wasn't as boisterous as I'd expected.   I'd thought there might be an element of end-of-term fever sweeping the benches but they were just the same as always.

Miliband's questions ranged over a wide area.  He questioned the increase of 35,000 to the unemployment figures, the rise in VAT and cuts of £20bn.  He also asked about real-term increases in spending on health and the Health Services Committee which has said commitments 'will not be met'.   Educational Maintenance Allowances were also on his hitlist.  It all added up to a list of broken promises, with his backbenchers joining in in true pantomime fashion.  I'm only surprised the LibServatives didn't counter with, "Oh, no we didn't!"

One or two things stood out this week: the headless female MP sitting behind a pensive and blinking Harman must have been reading the current crop of articles debating whether women should show their cleavage at work or not.   She'd obviously decided in favour  because I don't think I've seen anything so low-cut in the House before.  It was also notable for only one intervention from Squeaker Bercow.  Oh, and Clegg was there too, not that you'd have noticed although he did attempt a half-smile this week; he's never looked comfortable on the front bench.

MPs who asked questions:
Heidi   Alexander, Lab, Lewisham East;  Mark Reckless, Con, Rochester & Strood;  Iain Stewart, Con, Milton Keynes South,  Joan Ruddock, Labour, Lewisham Deptford  Nadhim Zahawi, Con, Stratford-on-Avon;   John McDonell,  Labour, Hayes & Harlington;  Edward Leigh, Con, Gainsborough;   David Lammy, Labour, Tottenham; Malcom Bruce, LibDem, Gordon;  David Hamilton, Lab, Midlothian;  Mary MacLeod, Con, Brentford & Isleworth;   Ronnie Campbell, Lab, Blythe Valley;  Anne McIntosh, Con, Thirsk & Malton;  Chris Ruane, Lab, Vale of Clwyd;   Andrew Bridgen, Con, North West Leicestershire;  Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP, Belfast South; Sajid Javed, Con, Bromsgrove; Hugh Bayley, Con, York Central;  Mike Freer, Con, Finchley & Golders Green;  John Baron, Lab, Billericay & Basildon;  Andrea Leadsom, Con, South Northamptonshire;  Alison McGovern, Lab, Wirral South;  Robert Halfon, Con, Harlow.

Topics raised:
[Sorry, I missed the first question from Alexander];  EU loan to Ireland - interest rate/profiteering;  fund-raising for Bletchley Park/Alan Turing papers;  unemployment at 7.3% in Lewisham Deptford;   cancer survival rates;  children of asylum seekers in detention centres; Merlin helicopter transfer;  keeping Tottenham FC at Tottenham;  postal services in the snow;  postal services in the snow (2);  paying tribute to the Gurkhas;  unclear question to do with tuition fees & working people;  NHS bureaucracy;  'unseemly haste' of Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election; one-in, one-out rule; funding for N.Ireland; honouring Mercian Regiment;  EMA at York Uni/child poverty;  Auschwitz-Birkenau Commemmoration Fund;  Arundell;  Hi-Speed Rail link;  EMA,  exporting extreme islam.

All followed by a Ten-Minute Rule Motion from Nadhim Zahawi when he proposed introducing a Bill to make St George's Day and St David's Day national Bank Holidays from 2012.

Cameron - Miliband

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to  LiarPoliticians2 for the videos.

The Money-Go-Round

Flicking through the DT this morning I was struck by these three articles about the state of the global economy:

Belgium - threatened with a downgrade.
France - threatened with a downgrade.
Spain - threatened with a downgrade.

Banks shouldn't be immune from market forces. Governments had no business butting in and propping them up with money from taxpayers or by taking out loans; governments should not be subsidising banks.

Ireland is being plucked by a 3% profit margin on top of the interest rate imposed by the EU.

The UK is hardly in a better position.
'Greece is insolvent, Portugal has a liquidity problem, Spain has a liquidity problem, Belgium has been cooking the books for a long time, Italy has been cooking the books for a long time and the UK is totally insolvent.'
...While debt owed by the British government is less, relatively, than the amounts faced by Ireland, Greece or Japan, the UK's debts in total are 466% of annual economic output once consumer debt is included. That's second only to Japan.
As one commenter succinctly says: "Here's my economic prediction for 2011 - we're ****ed." To that I can only add that someone, somewhere is growing very, very rich on the back of all this.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

On The Second Day Of Christmas

What Has Europe Done For Us?

Another edition of WHEDFU - looking at the wild, whacky and wonderful EU.

EU Defence chiefs are calling for closer co-operation.  We never saw that one coming, did we?
Faced with dwindling resources, ministers stressed the need to give "new impetus" to military collaboration in order to "safeguard the defence capabilities required" to support the EU's common security policy.
They also backed a German-Swedish initiative urging partners to identify tasks that could be shared -- from air transport to training facilities -- to ensure that Europe maintains its "ability to act credibly in crises."
The EC is backing calls for a single EU-wide patent .

MEPs award themselves £91k pa tax-free expenses.

The EU's Citizens' Initiative was set up to demonstrate how democratic and accountable EU institutions are but it seems to be falling flat on its face and is in the middle of legal wranglings:
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso refused to receive the document , sending the EU's health commissioner John Dalli instead. Mr Dalli welcomed the petition, but warned that the ECI had not been fully set up yet, drawing a question mark over the anti-GMO document ...leading the commission to brandish the anti-GMO initiative as illegitimate. "Strictly speaking, they would have to do it all over again."
There are doubts about the Euro in its present format:
The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) claims that keeping "the euro alive will require cuts in living standards greater than the UK faced in the Second World War" for weaker eurozone members.  There is no modern history of falling living standards in peacetime on the scale necessary to keep the euro in its current form. This is why I think there is at best a one-in-five chance that the euro will survive as it is.
Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are at loggerheads over the Memorandum of Understanding with the EU and the IMF.  (Also, Irish troops are being sent to the Lebanon as part of a UN taskforce). 

£8.3bn of  pre-accession funds has been allocated to Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and other countries, despite the fact that they are unlikely to become members of the EU. Of this, the UK contributes £1.1bn. In 2009, £100m of money paid out was deemed 'irregular', including suspected fraud cases.
"The EU is a corrupt organisation that has not had its accounts signed off for the past 16 years. So to see it hand over billions of euros to countries such as Serbia and Albania to fight corruption is frankly ludicrous.  Has it not crossed their minds that the money they are giving to eradicate corruption in the police and judiciary is falling straight into the hands of those who are responsible for the corruption in the first place?..."

3m euros for anti-poverty conference:
The forum hosted a fashion show, a "Fight Poverty" awards ceremony and "Music against Poverty" photo contest. All participants were invited to a cocktail party with unlimited champagne and expensively catered canapes at the close of the event on Tuesday.
Joke of the week:
"David Cameron is "paralysed" by euroscepticism...they are focusing on domestic naval gazing, with a dog's dinner of a Bill in Parliament seeking to placate and soothe the seething Euroscepticism..."
Or it could be this  Clegg for EU Commissioner?
David Cameron is ready to ­parachute the Lib Dem leader into Brussels as Britain’s EU Commissioner amid fears Mr Clegg will struggle to hold his seat as an MP at the next election, say Downing Street sources.  The Deputy PM would ­replace Labour peer Baroness Ashton in the post which carries a £239,000 salary and perks package worth ­another £100,000 a year.
The UK is fighting for Turkey's accession to the EU:
"We need to be bold, we need to be true to the vision which inspired the enlargement process," said Britain's Europe Minister David Lidington on joining talks in Brussels over the path to enlarging the 27-nation bloc.
EP President, Jerzy Buzek, is taking the peace.

UPDATEAlex Singleton throws more light on the EU single patent and speedier integration.

The Shame Of The BBC

I don't know,when you get to a certain age I think there can be a tendency to think you've seen and heard it all before.  Well, here's the news anchor Ben Brown of the BBC, that well-known, completely independent public service broadcasting station, proving everybody wrong.

"You haven't made a complaint, why not, it's been a few days?"
"Were you rolling your wheelchair towards the police?"
"So you were not wheeling yourself towards the police?"
"Are you a revolutionary?"
"Were you shouting anything?"
"Were you throwing anything?"
"You do say you're a revolutionary."

Not only did Brown dig deep into the depths of his impartial journalistic integrity to ask those incisive questions he also interrupted Jody McIntyre on a few occasions, notably when McIntyre spoke about
Alfie Meadows and again when the BBC's reporting of 'Palestine' was mentioned.  Considering the vacuity of the questioning McIntyre made his point very well:

RantinRab has the original YouTube footage of the police pulling McIntyre out of his wheelchair.

UPDATE: Who's been a busy boy, then? YouTube. No wonder he was known to the police, but the officer really should have had the brains to realise the escalation his actions would cause.

Monday, 13 December 2010

On The First Day Of Christmas

The run-up to Christmas begins:

H/t: Vlad Tepes

Out Of Time

That's time as in the beat of a drum and time as in hours of the day. Do you ever have the feeling that people around you are neatly choreographed and marching to a rhythm you can hear but don't understand?

I've just listened to THIS short speech from MiliMinor and read the accompanying article.  What sort of reality are people inhabiting when this sort of tripe can go unchallenged?  He's trying to make the most of Labour's current polling positiion (equal, would you believe?) and divisions within the LibDems caused by the tuition fees farce.

He's sent out a call to LibDems to send him their policy suggestions for a Labour review which will be undertaken by a former LibDem 'policy dirctor' aka spin merchant, aka SpAd who's taken the MiliShilling.  Here's what had me bemused:
"To Liberal Democrats who fear their deal with the Tories is shifting the gravity of British politics to the Right, I invite them to work with us against the direction in which this Government is taking Britain."
Has everybody gone completely mad?  Since when has this coalition been right-wing, if anything it's europhile centre-left thanks to the LibDems.  Few policies have changed since Labour were kicked out (and shame on those who told pollsters they'd vote for them again) and some which were to be dropped have been re-instated.  It's true they're looking to sell the remnants of the country's assets (the Tote, air traffic control, woodland etc) but that alone doesn't make them 'right-wing'.  Stupid, greedy, thieving b@st@rds it's true - but that isn't a trait exclusive to right-wingers.

We have, effectively, a one-Party state at the moment with no real choice for voters and all Miliband can do is repeat the old, out-dated concept of left/right-wing politics that doesn't exist any more.  What we have is authoritarian -v- libertarian with varying positions between the two as to how far Britain's welfare state should extend.

Our politicians are arguing from a false premise that deliberately skews the perception of the people.  Nothing they say makes sense or relates to the political reality around us and until they admit to the people that politics has changed forever they'll just be playing to the msm in the gallery and not addressing the real needs of the people they're supposed to represent.  They've forgotten how to do that too.

Save Our Pubs/Save Our Churches

Once upon a time in a land far away, a pub was a meeting place where people would gather to chat over a drink and, possibly, a smoke. In that same land, a Church was a different kind of meeting place - one where people would gather to reflect on God and Godliness and its place in their daily living.

No more, apparently. Pubs and Churches are in decline owing to a number of factors, all well-chronicled, but, hold your horses, here comes the Cavalry in the form of government and corporate partnerships.

1) The pub as a Post Office:
"If a pub is open from 11 until 11, there is no reason why one cannot buy stamps and get driving licence forms and so on there. There are also aspects such as the internet hub."
"We could use them as libraries, post offices or parcel collection points. They could also be ideal meeting places for groups."
Isn't that what pubs used to be before government interference - "ideal meeting places"?

2) The Church as a corporate 'partner':
Among the recommendations, it ... raises the possibility of introducing cash machines into the buildings. In addition to acting as a shop, it also proposes that churches consider offering others services, including dry cleaning and providing prescriptions.
It's heartening to see that the guidelines suggest that "it may not be suitable to have the stores open during funerals."

The decline of the CofE is probably  because it seems to have lost its marbles. and has little sense of direction.  Former Druid, Archbishop Carey doesn't help matters with his nutty pronouncements.  If I go to Church I certainly don't want to be singing Bono or U2 songs.

Pubs and Churches vying for business, who'd have thought it?  'Suits pressed while-u-pray'.  'Pop in for a pint and pick up your parcel'.

See also Ancient Briton  who puts forward another reason for declining Church attendance.

Agenda 21, & The Club Of Rome/Corporatism & Survival

This are two of the videos I dusted off over the weekend. I can't remember if I've posted either of them before, if so, apologies:

Sunday, 12 December 2010

All Done

Everything, I hope, is now transferred - from old laptop to external hard drive to new laptop. All the bookmarks, all the EU .pdfs, all the photos, the videos, the music and the games. It's taken most of my waking hours because the old l/t kept crashing and dying on me requiring endless rebooting, problem-solving, shared networking and the patience of a saint.

To celebrate I'm playing some music, which I thought I might as well share with you - it will be back to normal politics tomorrow.

Daniel Lessner plays Liszt's piano transcription of Wagner's Tannhauser Overture; quite brilliant:

Sunday Reflection

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Still The Enbeeobee Syndrome

Operation Payback - Anonymous Message About ACTA Laws, Internet Censorship and Copyright

Clinton in Jan 2010:
"In many respects, information has never been so free...Even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable.

"During his visit to China in November, President Obama held a town hall meeting with an online component to highlight the importance of the internet. In response to a question that was sent in over the internet, he defended the right of people to freely access information, and said that the more freely information flows, the stronger societies become. He spoke about how access to information helps citizens to hold their governments accountable, generates new ideas, and encourages creativity. The United States' belief in that truth is what brings me here today.

"Blogs, email, social networks, and text messages have opened up new forums for exchanging ideas - and created new targets for censorship..."
I suppose Hillary knows best but I haven't heard her raising her voice to condemn the imprisonment in China of Liu Xiaobo and the subsequent Chinese black-out of information in the press and on the internet. Her words don't tally with the American govt's actions and rhetoric about Assange either.  Governments... Cake...Eat...Flack.

Search for 'Ireland digital bill' on Google and all you get are references to Bill Clinton followed by dab radio and the Broadcasting (Amendment) Act of 2007 and a hundred and one other topics.  I was looking for something I lost in my bookmark changeover - (FOUND IT - click here - "By redefining important words it states a criminal gang is a group of 3 or more people who might carry out an activity and you can be imprisoned for an offence that is not an offence, even if the group don’t commit that activity.") an article about a law passed by Dublin: no right of assembly over three or if tptb think you have intent, you're arrested or shut down under Terrorism laws.  It sounds rather like our own dear laws which allow anti-terrorist police to visit the school of a 12-yr old and warn him off his FaceBook protest of like-minded friends outside David Cameron's constituency office in Witney this weekend.

Wilson, Heath, Blair, Brown, Callaghan, Douglas-Home, Major, Attlee, all of them and more have stitched us up with the connivance of the Civil Service. Civil Service/ Public Sector = Common Purpose.  These are the taxpayer-funded quangos, charities and think tanks that we can't abolish through the ballot box because they're institutionalised. We are being taxed to fund campaigns against ourselves and our lifestyles.   No government can change when the mechanism stays in place. Still, I'm sure they all know best.

UPDATE: The link I couldn't find and a video to go with it.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Restitution & Rectification

'Rectification' was the name of the deal by which MPs who had wrongly claimed expenses could repay them in secret. As a result, 17 MPs were re-elected at the GE without their constituents knowing the full facts.

The Guardian usually does a good job of breaking down and itemising the who, what, when, where and why of MPs expenses but they're mesmerised by Wikileaks and the student protests. They've barely had time to mention Blair's recall to the Iraq Inquiry next year although Gordon Brown's interest in heading the IMF (God help us all) has a full page article.

It's been left to the DT to itemise the repayments made by the 40 MPs on the understanding that their names would be kept secret. The DM adds some meat to the bones including the revelation that David Tredinnick (Con, Bosworth) claimed, and received, £755 for astrology software - no doubt trying to divine his future chances of re-election.

Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman tried to suppress the release of the information, not surprising when we find out that she claimed & had to repay £13,200.
Sir Alistair Graham, the former Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said, “These things are best dealt with at the time of the offence rather than at some later stage under pressure from the media.”

He said it was “obviously not” appropriate for the reports to have been buried in a corner of the Parliament website on a busy news day, adding: “It has all the hallmarks of playing everything down then publishing it on a day when the biggest news story is university fees.”
Some of the claims are pretty minor, eg an MP used one pre-paid envelope when he shouldn't, and are no doubt honest mistakes but the whole fiasco is indicative of the sense of entitlement the majority of MPs had and still have.

'Elite' is just a word used by some to describe other people as being set apart from the norm and it's used by some to describe themselves.  This has to stop.  MPs are not 'elite', they're just representatives of the people elected by the people for the people and it's time they remembered this.  Before they were elected they were just people, the same, neither better nor worse than the majority of those they represent.  Their current privileges are not God-given and are not in perpetuity.  I'm not expressing it very well but I think you'll know what I'm saying.

As mentioned above, if you're interested the Guardian still has the best live updates on Wikileaks anywhere on the planet.

I'm going for a walk to clear my head of political double-dealings and deceit.  There's more to life than chronicling the machinations of a self-styled national and international 'elite' who toy with us, nudge us, regulate and control us:

Thursday, 9 December 2010

The More, The Merrier

Wikileaks Insurance
If you need a BitTorrent client try Vuze

PS It's being reported that one of the women involved in the rape allegations has done a runner to the West Bank and has stopped co-operating with the authorities and her own solicitor.

Too Damned Depressing For Words

The UN, Cancun and the softly, softly steps to a NWO. There seems to be no power on earth that can stop these megalomaniacs - certainly not the ballot box which becomes more irrelevant every day.
"Since the Chairman’s note is very long, I shall summarize the main points:

Finance: Western countries will jointly provide $100 billion a year by 2020 to an unnamed new UN Fund. To keep this sum up with GDP growth, the West may commit itself to pay 1.5% of GDP to the UN each year. That is more than twice the 0.7% of GDP that the UN has recommended the West to pay in foreign aid for the past half century. Several hundred of the provisions in the Chairman’s note will impose huge financial costs on the nations of the West.

The world-government Secretariat:
In all but name, the UN Convention’s Secretariat will become a world government directly controlling hundreds of global, supranational, regional, national and sub-national bureaucracies. It will receive the vast sum of taxpayers’ money ostensibly paid by the West to the Third World for adaptation to the supposed adverse consequences of imagined (and imaginary) “global warming”.

Bureaucracy: Hundreds of new interlocking bureaucracies answerable to the world-government Secretariat will vastly extend its power and reach. In an explicit mirroring of the European Union’s method of enforcing the will of its unelected Kommissars on the groaning peoples of that benighted continent, the civil servants of nation states will come to see themselves as servants of the greater empire of the Secretariat, carrying out its ukases and diktats whatever the will of the nation states’ governments. Many of the new bureaucracies are disguised as “capacity-building in developing countries”. This has nothing to do with growing the economies or industries of poorer nations. It turns out to mean the installation of hundreds of bureaucratic offices answerable to the Secretariat in numerous countries around the world. Who pays? You do, gentle taxpayer. Babylon, Byzantium, the later Ottoman Empire, the formidable bureaucracy of Nazi Germany, the vast empire of 27,000 paper-shufflers at the European Union: add all of these together and multiply by 100 and you still do not reach the sheer size, cost, power and reach of these new subsidiaries of the Secretariat..."

You can read it here IN FULL

The people of the world going back to 'the good old days' of knowing their place, of being tax slaves and cannon fodder.

HERE is another man's report on Cancun, and where I found the following video:

Mon Dieu! The Price Of The Olympics

  • Officially conducted in French with English as a second language.
  • Related billboards in the Capital to be in French.
  • The Union Flag 4th/5th in precedence throughout the Capital.
  • Ceremonial appearance of HM Queen with guaranteed meetings.
  • "Behaviour modification" of residents, public and businesses.
  • 40,000 hotel rooms.
  • 700 dedicated cars and chauffeurs.
  • 400 pool cars and drivers.
  • The protection of corporate sponsors (see below).
"...draconian powers to protect sponsors such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds, from "ambush marketing" by rivals. London is required to prevent spectators from "wearing clothes or accessories with commercial messages other than the manufacturer's brand name." This would ban them from wearing football clubs' replica strips, which usually carry the name of the club's sponsor.

Games organisers must "attempt to confiscate any infringing ambush material" from spectators, although there are warnings against being "overzealous". The city authorities must also "obtain control of all billboard advertising, city transport advertising, airport advertising etc for the duration of the games and the month preceding." Olympic "brand protection teams" must "confront violators" and "conduct surveillance" across London. Police and customs officers must enforce sponsorship rules.

Britain has complied by passing an Act of Parliament which makes "ambush marketing" at the games a criminal offence and gives officials power to enter homes and seize "infringing material".
You'd better hide that football shirt or baseball cap under the bed then.  There's no specific reference to the zil lanes but they probably fall under  the behaviour modification of residents.  Was it really necessary to acquiesce to these demands in order to have the privilege of throwing billions at this event - an event that has left previous hosts in debt for years to come.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

No Referenda On Opt-Ins

The European Union Bill had its second reading yesterday. Hague confirmed the view of many of us that this Bill wouldn't be the strong referendum lock that was promised to a euro-sceptic electorate pre-election.  As I've blogged before, a referendum will be limited (any issue must be agreed by lawyers, Ministers and Parliament in that order before any referendum is offered to the people) and the European Union Bill is a meaningless sop which will do nothing to strengthen British Parliamentary sovereignty.  Hague yesterday:
"In the context of this bill, it is any proposal to give up our freedom not to participate in Justice and Home Affairs decisions that will be subject to a referendum ... Given the strict time limits which apply to the UK's decision to exercise an opt-in - which is within three months of the receipt of a proposal - and the fact that there are thirty to forty proposals per annum, it is not possible to place a primary legislative lock or parliamentary resolution requirement on the exercise of the opt in."
From Open Europe:
Justice and home affairs is the area in which the EU gains the most new powers under the Lisbon Treaty and the fastest growing item in the EU budget. Under Lisbon, the European Commission has greater powers to draw up new laws, the European Parliament has the power to amend them, and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is responsible for enforcing them.

New EU laws therefore represent a zero-sum equation: the UK Parliament and courts maintain control or it is handed to the Commission, MEPs and judges at the ECJ. The choice is clear: more or less power for Brussels.
ConHome has extracts from the speeches given by Conservative backbenchers including Cash & Redwood.  The commenters aren't happy bunnies - here's an example:
I'm afraid we are reaching the stage where only civil disobedience will persuade our rulers to pay any attention to the electorate.
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